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Version 5.3

Released on March 25, 2004

New Features & Enhancements

  • Make VS.NET action: Add option to parse build output for failure string (defaulted to checked on new steps), since VS.NET sometimes returns a success (0) exitcode even when some projects fail to build.
  • Send Mail action: Fully support sending HTML formatted email with HTML attachment.
  • Script Editor: Disable auto-correct of case by default. To re-enable, right-click on the Script Editor window, choose Properties, go to the Language/Tabs tab and check 'Fixup text case while typing language keywords'.
  • System Scripts: Add vbld_IIf function (VBScript only).
  • GUI App: Updated Selection -> View functionality (Step properties, Macro properties, File properties and options dialogs) to pass filename containing spaces in double quotes so all applications will parse correctly.

    Bug fixes

  • COM+ Component action: Always delete all components on first try when specifying * so that multiple iterations not required.
  • CVS Action: Don't pass -m flag when 'Log message' field is empty.
  • Make VB6 action: Handle no space between semicolon and filename in Class/Module files referenced in VBP.
  • UNZIP/ZIP Files actions: 1) Prevent duplicate logging that occurred with some ZIP files; 2) append .zip extension to filename if not provided.
  • GUI App: trap errors loading corrupt/invalid global scripts or global macros file.
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