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Hello karelt,
you're welcome!

I'm intrigued by your, "I created two new databases w/o transferring any data into them and the freezing bug still occurred." - sorry for not also having said you probably should "re-install" UR; by "re-install", I mean just download the current v. 6.2 again again, then "install", i.e. OVER your existing install (when neither UR nor any UR database is open; well, the former would include the latter...).

Neither your settings nor your license will be affected by this, and hopefully, you'll get rid of the phenomenon.

If not, Kyle should be interested in this problem, and since your two NEW databases do NOT contain any data (and, as such, no personal data either), perhaps sending those two databases in to kinook could help in identifying the problem? But, clearly, UR 6.2 "re-install" should come first.

I would not go back to previous versions; you would not profit from (hopeful) amendments...

As for Navicat, (real) "professionals" swear about it, and I've got why they do, in the meantime - I hadn't been so much "convinced" after discovering they had discarded (!) the print functionality, but then, there is a quite good export functionality instead, and the print output of some of their "competitors" are, whilst they exist indeed, really bad. (Also, they also have a good graphical database construction (or then, "re-engineering") tool included, so it's really, almost "complete", minus the native print-out that is - but then, I prefer script the output anyway, for it to be to my liking, which is never the case with the in-built export and/or print tools of most applications...)

That being said, there are both some free SQLite interfaces (I'd prefer SQLite Expert Lite for this... whilst the same, "paid", is certainly not worth your money), and some free SQLite data comparison tools (I did not try them though), so, yes, you could wait for v. 16 to finally be released or even then decide you're fine with the free SQLite tools. Just refrain from buying $100-or-any such tools which do NOT offer the package; thus, I would never endorse SQLite Maestro, Sqlite Viewer, SQLabs SQLite Manager, SyBrowser, RazorSQL, and so on; also, a "visual query builder" - which you don't really need after all -, is NOT equivalent, and far from it, to a real graphic construction tool.

Btw, this night, I got the automated W10 19043.1083 update, and that does NOT seem to be a stable one, to put it friendly... so if your problems are very recent, MS may be behind it again...
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