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Oh, I see, thank you very much, Kyle! (Sorry for my late answer, I wasn't well.)

I downloaded Process Explorer, ran it, then ^f Ultra for finding the UR entry, then double-click on that:
Path: C:\Program Files\UltraRecall\UltraRecall.exe
Command line: "C:\Program Files\UltraRecall\UltraRecall.exe"

Fact is, up to some weeks ago, UR loaded all of the databases I had opened in the previous session (and which were open when I closed the session of course), and now it just loads my main database, and I think I did not change any setting in-between (?), but I certainly did not fiddle with the Windows registry, so currently, I can't explain from which fact arises the change in the behavior.

I had changed some settings within the registry indeed, via your tools, since I try to minimize unnecessary hdd writings, and I (obviously) don't need the cooperation functionality info, nor the item access counters, etc., but that was months ago.

Obviously, I would only enter additional databases into the registry if I were to load them systematically on every session, but whilst most of the time, I need the databases which had been open when I closed the previous session, those vary, more or less, i.e. database selection changes I then make within a session, would not be reflected by my - fixed - registry settings. As said, up to some weeks ago, all the databases from the end of the previous session opened, quite naturally, upon start of the next one, it's just that their order was somewhat mixed up, except for the fact that "A" always was on position one; now I have to open them manually. And yes, I always start UR by (the unchanged, above) command-line.

But you're right, I obviously mixed up "database tabs" with "hoisting tabs", and I can confirm that the setting in question works fine for both functionalities (i.e. reopen the sub-trees, and reopen the hoist tabs), within that only database which loads.


I just both tried File-Exit and Alt-F4, as you suggest, and was succesful with both. UR saves every 5 minutes or so, but before closing down my pc, I again do a ^s, but had NOT closed UR then (anymore), so UR obviously saves the "which databases are loaded" info for reopening them just before executing the "File-Exit" (i.e. "Close UR"), does not maintain that info dynamically while running.

So it obviously was my own behavior that had changed in-between, not UR's: Sorry, but it's good to have clarified from where it came!

Obviously, I'll have to a final Alt-F4 on UR, after my ^s, before doing my Win-x u u for closing down my pc. Hadn't even been aware of that possible cause, sorry again!

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