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Notes from UR help ... I think the answer to your question is to use 'search synchronization'

When an Info Item without a populated URL attribute is Synchronized, if it is a child of an Info Item containing a valid local or Outlook folder URL, the Info Item will be created in this external folder. In all other cases, the existing content and attributes are simply re-parsed for keywords.

For Search Info Items, the URL attribute must reference a local or Outlook folder and the process is unidirectional. See Search Synchronization for more details.

Search Synchronization works very similar to Folder and Outlook Sync, except that the URL attribute of a search must reference a local folder or Outlook folder (respectively). When the Search item is synced, the search is executed and the items located by the search are synchronized to the folder location specified by the Search Item's URL attribute.

It appears search sync goes from UR to a Windows folder. Not sure, if it goes the opposite direction.

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