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Quick note feature: Adding notes on-the-fly

Hi ...

I run through this use-case quite often, especially during meetings. I have to jot down a quick note, capture a screenshot (during a webex), or copy text from a web page.

With other apps like Evernote, Onenote, & MyLifeOrganized, there is a feature where I can reach a quick note via a keyboard shortcut that opens up a simple note editor dialogue for me to take notes.

It saves automatically to a pre-configured location i.e. in a specific URD file under a tree item e.g. Inbox.

The import to clipboard feature does not allow me to edit my quick note on the-fly and it forces me to pick the correct database & navigate the tree to find a location for the note.

For other UR users, please vote if you think this feature adds value to your workflow.

For UR developers, please consider adding such feature.
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