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I don't know about using a fixed .urd file (too many complications like the file could be encrypted and would need to prompt for password, file may not exist, etc.), but the general idea is on our todo list. Also see

Today, the quickest way would be to first configure:

1) uncheck Tools | Options | Import | Choose location when importing or pasting from other applications
2) uncheck Tools | Options | Import | Insert imported items at bold in Explorer pane
3) create a favorite to My Data -> Imported Items.

Then, to insert a note
1) activate and type into another window (i.e., Notepad, Word, or any other editor).*
2) Ctrl+A
3) Ctrl+X
4) Press import clipboard hotkey (Tools | Options | Import)
5) Dismiss note window

This will insert a new item under My Data -> Imported Items in the current database, named with the beginning text of the note. To manage notes that have been added, go to the favorite for Imported Items and edit, organize, etc.

*To quickly open a note window, you could create a global hot key to open, say Notepad2, which has an option for Esc to minimize, so a single hotkey would activate the editor and Esc to minimize when done.

You could also use something like AutoHotkey to configure a single shortcut for steps 2 thru 5, so the sequence would be:

1) press hotkey to open note app
2) type the note
3) press hotkey to select all, cut, import into UR, and minimize note app
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