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About Ultra Recall by a Newbie

I have just bought Ultra Recall.

First Impressions are that the application itself is very powerful and appears to do everything I want it to.

The documentation could do with being re-written. I'm sure it's all in there somewhere but it is all split up with so many links, I end up going round in circles.

I think the interface is fine just the way it is but I would support the inclusion of an option to set the background colours of the panes.

The one very minor gripe I have with Ultra Recall is with the 'Contact' template which cannot be deleted or changed. It has the field 'State' to specify which area the contact is from. Very few countries have states, in Britain we have counties. Other countries have Regions, Municipalities or Provinces. It would have been better if this template had not been carved in stone, but then Americans are always very parochial.
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