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Originally Posted by $bill View Post
With a little craftsmanship the "stone" can be "carved" to your liking...

"The Contact template can also be modified to use a custom user-defined form instead of the built-in Contact form"

UR gives you the tools to create new attributes, edit the template and create a new form.
I already tried.

I renamed the attribute 'State' to 'County', but the template still calls it 'State'. If I create a new template with the same fields using the new 'County' attribute it is called 'County' on the template until I close Ultra Recall, when I re-open the program the field is now called 'State'.

Next try was to define a new form called 'Contact' with the correct fields. I did this, there was no error message when I pressed OK but the new form did not replace the contact template. The 'Contact' template was unchanged.

The only way to do this is not to re-name the attribute or re-define the form but to create a separate attribute called 'County' then build a new form with a different name using that new attribute.

But this still leaves a useless 'Contact' template in the list which cannot be deleted or changed.

But as I said this is a very minor annoying issue. The program is very good.
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