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Originally Posted by PJMiller View Post
I renamed the attribute 'State' to 'County', but the template still calls it 'State'. If I create a new template with the same fields using the new 'County' attribute it is called 'County' on the template until I close Ultra Recall, when I re-open the program the field is now called 'State'.
I couldn't reproduce this behavior -- can you provide more details on the steps you followed?

Next try was to define a new form called 'Contact' with the correct fields. I did this, there was no error message when I pressed OK but the new form did not replace the contact template. The 'Contact' template was unchanged.
This worked ok for me too -- I created a custom form named Contact, assigned it to the Contact template's Form attribute, and the template and contact items display my custom form.

The only way to do this is not to re-name the attribute or re-define the form but to create a separate attribute called 'County' then build a new form with a different name using that new attribute.

But this still leaves a useless 'Contact' template in the list which cannot be deleted or changed.
In the latest build (UltraRecall.exe in Help | About | Install Info after downloading and installing), the built-in Contact form has been modified to use the attribute names for field captions, so for instance, if the State attribute is renamed to County, it will display that way on the Contact form.

But as I said this is a very minor annoying issue. The program is very good.
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