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Thank you very much, Kyle, and I'm perfectly aware that this is a very long list!

ad v) As said already in the thread "Flag problems with custom font, I had created the (unnecessary) bolding myself, with my settings, so this was my mistake, sorry!

ad w) This does not appear systematically, just sometimes: I (inadvertently) create a new item but do not "finish" it, i.e. leave it in the state of it being named "New Text", and then cannot delete it before having created some other item. This does not seem to be a memory problem in my system, having 16 GB of which then just about 8 GB is used. I cannot identify any "external" condition for this to occur, but as said, this appears just sometimes, and in every such case, creating another item will then make possible to delete the item in question.

ad g) I said "often" above, which is not true, sorry. In fact, I encountered this problem yesterday, for 2 different moves from one database into another: Just the title was put into the target database tree, and then replicated as first and only line within the content, while the real content was lost. But as said, in these - admittedly just 2 - cases, the original item had not been transferred, in the source database, from its original position to the "Recycle Bin" of that database (as would have been expected for item moves from one database to another), but had stayed in its original position, so NO data was lost. I'm currently not aware of any other occurrences of this phenomenon - my "often" wasn't a lie, but very sloppy writing, sorry for this! I'll mention it, hopefully together with more details re the "general situation" whenever it will occur again.

ad u) My "mark" suggestion: It goes without saying that the technical realization I had in mind, is totally mistaken. In fact, no additional table column would be needed, since there is no need for persistence beyond the very next ^c, ^x or similar command, let alone beyond the current session. Such "markings" by the space bar or similar just should be held in a simple array which would then be processed together with the selection of the next ^c, ^x... command, then be emptied, or perhaps even the same array could be used as is used anyway for multiple mouse selections. And, not only the defunct "Norton Commander" used such a system (for file system files/folders), but it's also present in the current "Total Commander". As said, the interest of this functionality is that the user is then able to freely navigate to other items, possible candidates to be included in this selection, without destructing the previous selection, as would any navigation within a multiple mouse selection would do. And since currently there is no (other) use for the space bar within the tree...

Thank you very much again, in the meanwhile, Kyle! Having made such a very long list for "tree problems" does in no way mean that there would be any other Windows program like UR coming near to it in its usefulness!
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