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ad u) again (my "Mark" suggestion): I have discovered that such a "semi-persistent selection" would also be of great use in the search results pane:

Many users will have many items in "wrong" sub-trees, or in not-specific-enough sub-trees, or in "Inboxes", etc (sub-trees C (current) and T (target) may be independent of each other, or T would be another child of C, i.e. a current sibling of the item(s) to be moved, etc.).

Instead of trying to select those manually in the tree, in many use cases they will take advantage of the search (for specific terms), and then the search results pane, just for the "Item Title", or in combination with "Item Parent" (!). Here, just as you would in the tree, you would like to check / verify if the item in question really belongs into the alleged target sub-folder, by verifying the text/content.

This, as in the tree, currently arises a memory problem: You will have to memorize the items you have already checked, and which are "good" for the intended move, and which thus you will have select again, by control-clicks, vs. those where your check resulted in deciding they should either not be moved, or at least not moved to the common target sub-tree to which you want to move your intended selection; since, as in the tree, any selection will delete previous selections, and multiple selections (which are possible) will prevent from checking the content.

Thus, for the search results pane (which is used as a "filter" pane in these common use cases), too, a "pre-selection" (toggle, e.g. by the space bar) would be of tremendous usefulness!

(Ditto for using the search and search results pane for intended copies / duplication or - in theory - links; in numbers / bulk.)
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