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ad u) again

Please allow a demonstration WHY such a "mark" functionality would be of even much greater interest within the search results pane, than within the tree; it goes without saying that once such functionality were coded, its implementation also in the tree (where it's not that much needed after all) would not be a real, additional problem.

When I gather several dispersed items in the tree, in order for group / "bulk" processing of them afterwards, I can manually move them together, then just remember (or try, if needed), the very first and the very last item of this "block".

On the other hand, search results are listed in alphabetical order, and thus I cannot "move them together", as I would do in the tree. Thus, here, I really have to remember every single item to be "block-processed" then, and beyond just some, my memory fails me, and I risk including items into this "block-processing" which don't belong there, or then, I just can remember and then select just a few, 3 or 4 at a time, then must do the block-processing, and again and again, for exactly the same processing (e.g. moving them into a specific subfolder in the tree).
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