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ad u) again: With so many imported items, I absolutely need some "pre-selection", i.e. a way of selecting multiple, non-consecutive items for further processing, while being able to check the respective item contents, except another way than just regularly selecting those.

So I gave this another thought, and found a quite obvious, intermediate solution to the problem: Instead of selecting those items, I assign them a special flag (red, by shortcut). Then, before processing the group, I manually select them (by control-clicks), then reassign the flag "no flag" to them, then only process them as a group.

This does not work upon originally flagged items, since it would take away that "real" flag, but considering most items are not flagged originally, it's the best way I could find for the majority of items at least, and this intermediate solution works both in the Data Explorer, and the Search Results pane.

If you have a file manager which does not have pre-selection (as Total Commander has) but which has different display formats for different attributes, AND (as does UR for flagging, etc.) allows for changing the attributes of multiple selected files at the same time (and also with a shortcut), you can apply a similar way to files (e.g. first applying "hidden" or "system", then de-applying those attributes again), there again with the limitation that you can't do that for files which already have these attributes, or even, there, with the additional risk that you could inadvertently include such files in your final selection - in UR, you'll obviously use some specific flag exclusively for this pre-selection.
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