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z) Just a minor glitch in a special situation:

While my "secondary" databases work as expected, in my "main" database, AFTER having (explained in the thread "Reasonable database sizes") added more than 50,000 items to more than 70,000 items, then having deleted those additions again (and having them deleted from the Recycle Bin, too), then having done a "Compact and repair":

When I select (single or several) items, then "cut" them (^x), the repective tree icons (all the native ones, e.g. for the "Text" items which in my case make 99.9 p.c. of the lot) are NOT greyed out anymore (and this applies to "regular" tree entries as well as to "formatted" (i.e. by flags) entries; this behavior has been persistent for the last few days now), but then the move (both the cut and the insert (^v)) work as expected.

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