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(please also see "ad s)" from today)

When I move single items, or groups, or items with child items, down or up the tree, the noise of my HDD clearly indicates that for every new but INTERMEDIATE position, UR writes the new, "correct" sql data. This both wears the HDD and causes many of the problems described above.

Thus my suggestion: Would it be possible that for the "move up/down" commands (i.e. not also the "move left/right" commands, which are "final"), UR would "wait" some, let's say, 200 or 250 milliseconds, before "writing the sql data", and would NOT write that sql data yet if immediately afterwards, another "move" command is triggered by the user?

This way, the "final" move command would be retarded by 200 ms or such, but all the intermediary, unwanted "new position" sql data would NOT be written to the file (and in case, even for multiple items, so this would obviously avoid lots of overhead).
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