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I would like to confirm that (exactly) with the above-described settings, my automatic re-opening of the databases from session to session is now absolutely stable, including the tab order.

I would like to suggest implementing manual sorting of the database tabs, by drag-n-drop, as it is quite "usual" in numerous other applications of all sorts providing tabs for different windows, etc.; currently, if you want to re-order the tabs, you have to close (!) one or several databases, then re-open them in the order you then wish them to appear in, in case even several such actions for a "simple" re-order, since any "new" database will not be put after the current tab but after the very last one in the row.

Such a manual re-ordering by drag-n-drop of the tab(s) in question seems all the more advisable since the commands "Next/Prev database" in the UR "Window" menu do not work onto the next/prev active database, but strictly onto the next/prev tab in the row, thus necessiting the "correct" order of the databases within the row if the user wants to switch forth and back between two databases: (s)he will place them next to each other, and then switch between them with the aforementioned commands.

As an alternative, the implementation of an additional command "go to previously used database" would be ace (and solve the biggest part at least of the described problem)!

I currently have to press the "Next" or "Prev" key several times for each such switch between just two databases (and if I didn't want to close and re-open the databases in question, in order to place them side-by-side), or then I go over the ^o dialogue, i.e. I "open" databases which are already open.

Also, in the Window menu, whilst the letters N and P are not available for possible database names anymore, since they are for "Next" and "Prev", even databases whose names start with letters except N or P, are not available but by their - aleatoric! - position in the row, by 1, 2...

This is easy on a technically level, but awkward for the user, since in/for every session (s)he must memorize the position of the databases, which, as explained above, will probably not be "fixed" between sessions, since, according to the tasks at hand, (s)he would want to have specific databases side-on-side, in order to easily switch between them, with "Next"/"Prev".

Thus, taking away the forced numbering within that menu would be more than welcome, from, I think, any user, and then, up to 24 databases, name-starting with a...z except for n... and p... (and even 10 more, name-starting with 0...9) could be easily be accessed by this menu, and that without (!) memorizing their respective, current position (which would not work for more than 9 anyway I suppose); switching to a specific, already open, database from that menu will need much less time than using the "open" dialogue indeed.

This suggestion would also apply after implementation of a "go previously-active database" command as described above, but would then and obviously be much less important.
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