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Thank you and please help anew !

Thank you very much, I had done a lot of clicking and right-clicking thruout the screen, but must have overlooked that right-click menu entry indeed, it works fine up to a point.

That point is, how to do a tree order sorting of all those entries then in the related items pane ? I check "indent level" and "tree order", and I sort by tree order, and then I do NOT get a list sorted by tree order, but MANY an entry get the SAME "tree order" number, many "0", then many "1", then many "2", and so on, within the field "tree order", and with each "tree order" number group, the alphabetical sorting by title begins anew, whilst I need that long list as in the tree, just with added indent numbers.

And I do NOT understand, of course, why the "tree order" attribute has many 0...5 values, in order to have, e.g. 813 single values going from 1 to 813 ; and these values between 0 and 5 are NOT identical with those in the "indent level" attribute of each item, I checked.

You belong, by all evidence, to that 15 p.c. group of UR users having understood its attributes' management, I'll never do, for me it's a black box (and those weird "tree order" values above are a perfect example for UR's being such a black box, without possibility of natural understanding). With a lot of difficulty, I use some function, then I don't need it for 6 months, then again I need to use it, and I start from scratch, total absence of intuitiveness making me a sheer beginner again, and without helping help file entries : That's devastating.

Thus, please answer my follow-up question as well : How to have the tree entries, in the related items field, in real tree order ?

I knew this, as even the answer to my first question, months ago, and as to the solution, I'm as disarmed as I'm for that now.

To speak frankly, it's not only for printing issues that I'd like to try to build such an "exit program", it's also because I'm seriously considering leaving, which, as I know, would please a lot of people here who then wouldn't be bothered again, like I didn't bother people anymore in the outlinersoftware and the mybase or what was it called again forums after leaving.

I simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND UR's architecture, not today, and not more than a year ago, and having discovered, far too late, the possibility of "opening" / loading a ROW of files in ANY given program, by "open..." and then ""a.yz" "b.yz" "c.yz" Enter"

- I simply hadn't been aware of this super-simple device giving anybody every means, in any given program, to do some sort of project management by simply storing such "command lines" anywhere, be it in the program itself, be it anywhere else, and to activate them by a most simple macro, and given the condition he's got cut up his stuff into a sufficiently large number of files so that their different combinations make any sense, giving quite different workspaces indeed -,

if I had known that procedure, I'd never had left AO for MyBase or what was it called again, no, MyInfo, voilà, and then for UR : it's paradoxical, I had 150 files in AO then, I have 150 files in UR now, so why not going back to AO where my work had been so much more fluid than it's in UR, with every single item being in need of being backed up / processed after even the most minor changes to it...

And given that indeed, I do NOT use UR's most brilliant feature, cloning - by fear of not being able to leave perhaps, as I have got MyInfo files left where I made the mistake of using its grid feature... multiplicating UR files instead so that "standards" are indeed available to me where I need them...

Zargron said, here in this forum, back in 2007 :

"All I can suggest to you and others is that you assume UR is based on high quality software design principles. Basically this means you assume it is very modularised with minimal dependency between each module. For example, assume that each pane is a separate object that has a carefully crafted low dependency on any other pane. Assume each toolbar has little or no dependency on any other toolbar. Assume importing and exporting has “no” dependency on printing and visa versa. If would be nice, (but very rarely happens), if the software vendor conveys dependency problems when responding to suggestions."

I'm sure he's right, but then, his remark does NOT help me to understand why in such a fine program, when you look at a "tree order" value, you get multiple 0/1/2... instead of a row between 1 and the number of items the tree has.

COPING with this program of supreme opaqueness is far too demanding, I'd prefer going back to a very simple but really intuitive program where WORKING with the program is easy, even for dumbos like me.

So, please help me with leaving, in telling me how such a tree order in the related items pane can be obtained. I knew it once, I've simply forgotten, and UR isn't a program that allows for forgetting ways of doing things, that's why I can't barely bear it anymore.
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