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Version 3.4

Release on February 10, 2001

  • Added automatic reloading of environment variables on Windows NT/2000 when they are changed externally (via SETX.EXE or Control Panel|System|Advanced). This allows a step to modify an environment variable via SETX (from the Windows NT/2000 Resource Kit), and the next step command can then use the updated variable.
  • Added a feature to store comments for a project and an option to display them automatically when the project is opened.
  • Added fields to the Step properties dialog to define a range of success exit codes instead of 0 as the only success exit code. Useful for tools that may return a non-zero exit code for success or when certain non-zero exit codes should be considered successful.
  • Scroll the Step pane if necessary when moving to previous or next step within the Step properties dialog.
  • Added samples for deploying a web site and creating an IIS virtual directory (in the NT.bld sample).
  • Fixed situations where double percent (%%) wasn't interpreted as a literal percent sign (inside of macro parameters and at start of field).
  • Added support for newline characters in step and macro descriptions, saving and loading properly.
  • Enhanced VSMake to support multiple resource files in a project.
  • Fixed VSMake to handle non-standard target executable filename extensions (i.e., ocx).
  • Modified VSMake to treat nonexistence of a resource file or VERSIONINFO resource in a project when using the /incrver or /setver flags as a warning instead of an error condition. This is useful when a VC++ workspace file contains some projects that have resources files and some that don't.
  • Added print, print preview, and printer setup features.
  • Added REG_READ system macro for easily reading registry values and using in build steps.
  • Added samples to demonstrate REG_READ macro and setting environment variables for use in step commands.
  • Added option in Visual Studio Project Wizard to build the new step immediately.
  • Fixed VSMake to build projects in the correct order when referenced projects within the group have a different target executable filename root than the project filename.
  • Updated Visual Build to support the new common file dialog on Windows Millenium Edition.
  • Added an option (in View|Options|General) to delete all temporary macros when a project is rebuilt. This will cause any undefined macros to be prompted for again if the entire project is rebuilt.
  • Added a sample which demonstrates calling a script to increment the build number for a project.
  • Added a new option to VSMake (/getver) to retrieve the project version for a VB or VC++ project. The version is then available for use in subsequent step commands.
  • Fixed VSMake tool to support generic project types.
  • Fixed VSMake to work with projects containing only a single configuration.
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