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Originally posted by Da5id
I downloaded GTD1_2 this morning and happily noted that date searches are fixed and that you included a search for todays work. Just what I was looking for. I had been waiting for this to start entering new data. I immediately looked it over and cleaned out your test data. Even though their was very little data I compulsively ran a file compaction (not repair) and was surprised when I received this error message - Error repairing database: SQL logic error or missing database. I have two other databases I created and the compaction and repair functions will not work on them either,after trying it on the GTD1_2 template. To get that function to work I had to uninstall and reinstall Ultra Recall. This problem happens on both of my machines,a desktop and a laptop. Both are running Windows XP Pro and have AVG version 7 anitvirus and clipmate version 6 running in the system tray. I'm also using the latest version of Ultra Recall. Anyone else have this problem? Wil has created a wonderful template and I would like to run it, but need to know why this problem has occurred.
I am hoping someone from Kinook can look into this. I have NOT tried the compact, due to the problem that Da5id has described above. The only things that I've done is to create a few new items in the template section, added new Search Buttons and added a few test items to confirm functionality. In addition, I have a large note describing how to use the Template.
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