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In-between, I downloaded your SQLite3.exe special version again = your .zip, extracted that, too, and then did a hex compare (with Beyond Compare, paid) between my c:\SQLite3.exe (from my first download) and the new SQLite3.exe, in my Downloads folder. Both are 479.232 bytes, and BC did not display any difference between the two.

This should exclude a download error for the above-mentioned misses in SQLite3.exe (special version) functionality, and of course, I ask myself if table "update" sql commands by this will then really be reliable in every case (understood that in real use, these would be the commands executed by SQLite.exe, e.g. title changes or even conditional table updates, with updates in table a if conditions are met in table b - if SQLite3.exe special version wasn't totally reliable with those, its use could indeed create havoc, which might not become obvious in time (so that any previous backups will not be that helpful, weeks or months later on) - since even the export does not work correctly, as described above, so that no table / records compare immediately before and after - with an external tool upon partial dumps will not be possible).

Thank you very much for your help, Kyle!
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