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How to quickly enter a note in Ultra Recall

First, create or select the item in Ultra Recall that you will use for quick notes and choose Favorites | Add on the menu (and optionally define a shortcut key for the favorite).

Then, whenever you want to enter a note, activate Ultra Recall and go to that favorite:
Keyboard: Control+WinZ, <shortcut for your favorite, i.e., Alt+Shift+N>
Mouse: right-click the UR system tray icon, select Favorites -> your favorite

At this point, you can type a note into the Item Details pane (Ctrl+2 on the keyboard to activate that pane if not focused, Ctrl+End to scroll to the end of any existing notes).

Press Esc when done (check Tools | Options | General | Esc minimizes application window and optionally 'Minimize to system tray') to dismiss UR (your note will also be saved immediately).

If you want to create a new child item to enter the note into:
Keyboard: Ctrl+1 to focus the Data Explorer Pane, Insert to insert a new note, type the name, press Tab to focus the Detail pane
Mouse: Right-click the Favorite in the tree, choose Insert Child -> Text, type the name

and type your note into the Detail pane.
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