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More ideas...

WOW - cheers quant for the heads up on that TouchGraph stuff - that's amazing.

I thought of a few things after looking at the navigator in ConnectedText...

Introduce a "Connections" pane:
- Allow any item to optionally have a connections view.
- Once an item is selected, its connections view becomes active in the "Connections" pane.
- Allow drag+drop items from existing panes to the "Connections" pane.
- Allow move items around and resize.
- Allow flexibly link from any item to any item.
- Perhaps the nature of each relationship (or link) can be described / defined?

With "Item Parents" pane:
- Conceptually retain the "Item Parents" pane in UR for all the usual reasons.
- Enhance pane to optionally show all parents and/or all connections.
(Provides clear flat view of "all" associations for selected item.)
- I guess the "Item Parents" pane would be renamed?

To start with:
- Allow printing of connections view with standard footer/header
> optionally include note (of selected item only) below the connections view
> ie. this note might describe the selected connections
- Allow connections view to be exported to graphics file.
- Don't worry about any 3D stuff in the Connections pane.
> perhaps allow font formatting & box color?
- Don't worry about any other fancy data import/export.
- Don't introduce item insert or delete in the connections pane:
> the existing item manipulation is rich enough.
> encourage users to focus on classification & visualisation of existing items/ideas

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