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Connection Pane (cont.)

Giday Hilary,
...I like the ease of dragging an item from the tree pane into the text pane, and having a link appear there ... It'd be good for these text links to be included there automatically as a two-way association.
Interesting - as you commented - we already drag items to the Item Details Pane to establish or capture a rudimentary item association / relationships / connections type of view. In one of my earlier posts i suggested the introduction of new Connections pane. I was thinking along the lines of another separate pane. However, a couple of ideas come to mind from your post:

First of all. Perhaps a Y/N system level item attribute is introduced that determines whether an item has a connections view. Then:

(Idea 1) This new attribute determines whether the Item Details Pane acts as a rich text editor OR a connections editor.

(Idea 2) This new attribute determines whether any tabs appear at the top of the Item Details Pane. With "Connections=NO", there is no tab. In other words, UR behaves as it does now. With "Connections=YES", two tabs appear titled Text and Connections. Obviously you click each of these tabs to show either the item text or connections view.

Just food for thought. Sounds a bit silly when I read it back through but I'll post anyway.
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