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Version 7.5b

Released on May 18, 2010

  • Make VB6 action: Option to keep .bak file when updating project files (Options tab).
  • Make VS 2010 action: Support Package and WebPublish targets.
  • MSBuild action: Provide target list (Project tab).
  • NAnt action: Add .NET 4.0 to Framework to target drop-down list (Output tab).
  • NUnit action: Add .NET 4.0 to Framework to run under drop-down list (Options tab).
  • WiX action: Support multiple extension assemblies.

    Bug Fixes
  • Copy Files action: Folder containing only excluded folders not created when copying empty folders.
  • FTP action: File permissions updated incorrectly after FTP upload.
  • Read File action: Include all matches option included non-capturing groups.
  • Service action: Service drop-down list not populated on Refresh.
  • vbld_FindProcess script function: 'Object not defined' error when called.
  • VS.NET Get Version action: 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error with some project files.
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