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Version 1.4a

Released on January 11, 2006

  • Add Open+Dismiss button to Reminder dialog.
  • Align item/cell pictures at top (instead of centered vertically) when wrap cell text option enabled.
  • Don't activate existing UR window when importing from Outlook add-in, IE toolbar, etc. (command-line import).
  • Play sound on completion of import from other apps (Outlook toolbar, IE toolbar, Explorer send to menu, Firefox, etc.).
  • Import Outlook task priority as High, Normal, Low instead of 1, 0, -1.

    Bug fixes
  • Import fixes: 1) Re-importing a folder (synchronize) doesn't refresh to show new grandchildren in tree if expanded; 2) Deleting after import (on move) didn't occur if import was stopped.
  • Outlook integration: 1) support multiple profiles; 2) non-SMTP From addresses (Exchange profiles) aren't usable, instead use Name value.
  • Related Item pane doesn't display children of Task items.
  • Backspace, Del, and other keystrokes don't function as expected in Web toolbar combo box.
  • Leap year error when advancing yearly recurrences.
  • Don't include seconds on Insert Date+Time function and in Reminder dialog and message dates in Item Details pane.
  • Opening item from Reminder dialog always expanded it if it had children.
  • Fix Open containing folder and Open shortcut commands to handle relative paths.
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