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Originally Posted by Metta View Post
Great! Thanks so much for your prompt feedback.

I'll be looking forward to the possibility of the calendar showing up sooner rather than later -- but, if it rolls out a bit, I've found a way manage in the meantime by integrating UltraRecall with another desktop calendar (since I'm very visually oriented, the calendar display is easier for me to use than the filter function) -- and what makes this integration possible is the fact that I can link to individual items within UltraRecall from my calendar app.

As far as I'm concerned, this item linking option is one of UltraRcall's most versatile and flexible features. I've never seen this in any other PIM/database program (in spite of having reviewed dozens of them), and I use it all the time!

I also use a calendar program to accomplish the same thing. I also agree about the linking within UR. I use UR's command line function to link the calendar enrty to a UR item. Not all calendar programs do well with this, but EssentialPIM works. An added benefit is the ability to synch with Google Calendar.

May I ask which program you use?

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