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Old 01-19-2005, 11:21 PM
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Version 1.1

New Features & Enhancements
  • Add "Go Up One Level" functionality (Backspace shortcut key, 'View | Go To | Up One Level' on the menu, and View toolbar button).
  • Add an additional indicator for stored item documents ('Item Details [Stored] - Item Title' is displayed in the Item Details pane caption for stored documents).
  • Add menu item (Item | Format) and shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+G) to highlight the selection in the rich text editor.
  • Add keyboard shortcut (Alt+Z) and menu item (Edit | Insert Date+Time) for inserting the current date+time into Item Details, Item Notes, or Item Attributes panes.
  • Calendar dialog is now modeless (can be left open while accessing the main Ultra Recall window) and remembers its position.
  • If a user has navigated away from an Info Item via the Web address toolbar, Shift+Enter in the toolbar combo, shift+click on Go, or Item | Open Shortcut / Ctrl+Q in the browser view will open the current page in the external browser.
  • Search: 1) Add option to determine whether items in the Recycle Bin will be included in the search; 2) Allow entry and searching of phrases for manually assigned keywords; 3) Add Advanced Search item to new database template.
  • Templates: 1) Automatically add attribute to all items of a Template when adding an attribute to the template; prompt to delete attribute for all items of a Template when deleting an attribute from a template; 2) Prompt user about whether to delete any item attributes that don't exist in the new template when changing an item's Template Item attribute; 3) Allow creation of derived templates (templates based on a user-defined [non-system] template).
  • Automatically map document summary information (as shown on the Summary tab of Explorer; for instance, Microsoft Office document, image, and audio file and user-defined properties, etc.) to existing Ultra Recall attributes and assign to imported document items (disable by unchecking 'Tools | Options | Import (More) | Map Explorer summary properties to existing Ultra Recall attributes').
  • Database optimizations to increase speed of startup, keyword searches, compact and repair.
  • Add user option 'Tools | Options | Import (More) | Use file timestamps for Date Created/Modified/Accessed attributes', which will use a local imported file's timestamps for the item's date attributes in Ultra Recall.
  • Support auto-keywording of files within imported ZIP files (add .zip to 'Tools | Options | Import | File extensions to keyword').
  • Add option for categorizing attributes in the View | Choose Columns dialog.
  • Sort numeric attributes in Related Items pane that are suffixed with non-numeric characters (i.e., '300 pixels') on numeric portion of value.
  • Provide non-US English dictionaries for rich text editor (download here).
  • Allow multiple users to open the same Info Database for editing (previously only the first to open had write access).

    Bug Fixes
  • Search: 1) Advanced Search with empty match value matches all instead of none; Initial blank Quick Search matches all instead of none (with 1.0a, a search term first had to be entered, and then an empty search string could be entered to match all); 2) Quick Search combo drop-down list populated in alphabetical order on startup instead of most-recently-used order; 3) Date greater and less than or equal comparisons were including the next day past the date specified; 4) Copy checked 'Limit search...' checkbox value on search items when duplicating; 5) Fix for errors or empty columns in search results for limited searches when adding columns to layout.
  • Import: 1) Support importing of web pages where some page content accessed on non-standard ports (fixes Google Desktop links); 2) Some Excel documents were not getting keyworded on import; 3) Improved handling of keywording when importing large and/or locked files; 4) Wrong icon created when importing icon files if .ico file extension was associated with some application; 5) Support multiple selection of more filenames in browse dialog when importing files with the import wizard.
  • Fix to always prevent recursive links (items linking to each other).
  • Templates: 1) When copying an item under Templates to become a new template item, retain the original Default Child Template attribute of the new template item instead of reverting to Text; 2) Item Count for templates was incorrect after undoing insertion and permanent deletion of items; 3) Template item deleted to Recycle Bin no longer shows up in list of choices for insert; 4) Database repair resulted in incorrect Item Count for templates in Recycle Bin; 5) Fix title of Text template in Child Items; 6) Importing a document into Templates doesn't refresh insert list.
  • Cross-database copy issues: 1) copying an attribute with list values did not include the list values; 2) copy of Info Item based on template in Recycle Bin copied template incorrectly; 3) item keywords not copied.
  • Undo of pasting to import an OE message would fail.
  • Error dialog displayed when changing item flag to None in tree if selection in Related Items pane.
  • Prevent 'database is locked' error that sometimes occurred when extracting a large stored document from a database located on a network path.
  • Multiple selection of items incorrectly showed attribute value (instead of empty string) in Item Attributes pane for attributes where some were empty and some were not.
  • Rich text item with image only and no text was not stored properly.
  • Context menu for selected image in rich text editor could be displayed off of the screen.
  • Auto-correct of two initial caps in rich text editor incorrectly lower-cased letters after punctuation (parenthesis, quotes, etc.).
  • Allow unassigning of shortcuts to existing favorites.
  • Item desktop shortcut to database with spaces in filename did not launch properly.
  • Fix for error message displayed if grid layout sorting information was corrupted.
  • App would hang switching to alternate layout (F11) with no database open.
  • Help button on some pages of the Import and Options dialogs didn't work.
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