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Version 9.0

Released on July 8, 2015

New Features

  • Support for Windows 10.
  • Modeless properties pane for editing step and macro properties (View | Properties Window).
  • Build profiles to choose which sets of steps are built (Step | Properties | General tab, Build toolbar, /profile command-line flag).
  • Command to open a Command Prompt or PowerShell console to the selected folder (View | Shell menu; configured at Tools | User Options | Miscellaneous).
  • Option to remember previous step selections when opening projects (Tools | User Options | Projects/Steps) -- default to unchecked* [VisBuildPro.exe]


  • GUI App: 1) Support code completion in Script Editor in 64-bit edition; 2) Support drag+drop of files, text, and URLs onto Step Properties and Macro Properties dialog edit controls; 3) Improved parsing of filenames for View | Shell commands in Output pane; 4) Include macro type in Action column of Step pane for Set Macro action; 5) Truncate long macro values to prevent slow refresh; 6) By default, hide actions with no registered file assocations (right-click in Actions pane and choose Show Hidden to display).
  • Watches pane: 1) Sort properties case-insensitive; 2) Option to format standard property values (Tools | User Options | Display); 3) Expanded value shown in tooltip instead of separate Value column; 4) Additional context menu items; 5) Refresh pane when property changes.
  • Text and XML file loggers: Cache writes to improve performance.
  • Encrypt step properties and macros using AES-256.
  • Support for .NET Framework 4.5.2 and 4.6.
  • Object model: 1) Additional option for specifying SyncBuildEx process options (UseProfileOptionWithSyncBuildEx); 2) Make Step.Action property writeable; 3) Add Step.Property2 property for creating encrypted values; 4) Limit length of strings parsed for macros and script that can slow down builds; 5) Application options to define timeout for expanding macros and script in tooltips (MacroExpandTooltipTimeout) and during build (MacroExpandBuildTimeout).
  • Re-open last project when called from the Visual Studio add-in if Tools | User Options | General | Reload last project at startup is checked.*[ VisBuildPro.exe]
  • Visual Studio add-ins (VS 2008+): If a .bld file is saved in the same path as the .sln file with the same base name (i.e., c:\full\path\xyz.bld and c:\full\path\xyz.sln), the add-in will open that .bld file instead of opening the previous .bld file (or creating a new project) and inserting a new step for the .sln file.*

    New Actions

  • Amazon
  • Azure
  • Make VS 2015
  • Manifest Generator

    Action Enhancements

  • File processing actions: 1) Performance improvements; 2) Automatic support for extended-length paths.
  • Various actions: 1) Resize fields to width of dialog; 2) Resize Name column of grids with dialog.
  • 7-Zip action: Support v15.
  • Advanced Installer action: Support v12.
  • Call Subroutine action: Resize Subroutine field and Name column with dialog.
  • ClearCase action: Support additional commands.
  • Copy Files action: 1) Support multiple destination folders (Options tab); 2) Default new steps to not copy hidden or system files.
  • Delete Files action: Option to not delete root folder.
  • Delphi/RAD Studio/C++Builder action: Support XE7, XE8, and 10*. [VisBuildAct.dll]
  • Document! X action: Support v2015.
  • Dr.Explain action: Support v5.
  • Enhanced Zip Files action: Support Deflate64, XZ, JPEG, and WavPack compression methods (and also Best option to use best method).
  • Enhanced Unzip Files action: Support XZ, JPEG, and WavPack compression methods.
  • Fast-Help action: Support v8.
  • Flare action: Support v11.
  • FTP action: Support additional options (Options tab).
  • Git action: Support v2.
  • Gradle action: Support v2.
  • Help & Manual action: Support v7.
  • HelpStudio action: Support v2015.
  • Inno Setup action: 1) Ability to auto-locate Inno Setup compiler even if .iss extension associated with another program (i.e., Inno Script Studio or ISTool); 2) Up/Down buttons for definitions on Project tab.
  • InstallAnywhere action: Support v2014.
  • InstallAware action: Support X2.
  • InstallShield action: 1) Support v2015; 2) Support building multiple configurations (Project tab); 3) Up/Down buttons for properties on MSI tab.
  • Loop action: Support iterating over Scripting.Dictionary objects.
  • MSBuild action: Support v12.
  • NDepend action: Support v6.
  • NUnit action: Support v3.
  • Perforce action: Support v2014 and 2015.
  • Process Files action: Option to fail the step if no matching files found.
  • Read File action: Option to convert null bytes to spaces for reading binary files (File tab).
  • RoboHelp action: Support v11 and v12.
  • Run Program action: 1) Additional options when creating processes with credentials; 2) Use interactive desktop option (Advanced tab).
  • SourceAnywhere action: Support v6.
  • StarTeam action: Support v14.3.
  • Surround SCM action: Support v2015.
  • Team Build/Team Foundation/Team Test actions: Support v2015.
  • Transform XML Log action: Option to format (indent) XML document (Transform tab).
  • Vault action: Support v8.
  • VirtualBox action: Support v5.
  • VMware Player action: Support v7.
  • VMware Workstation action: Support v11.
  • Write File action: Add line/column indicator to File tab.

    Bug Fixes

  • GUI App: 1) Rebuild selected on non-contiguous selection containing Call Subroutine steps builds non-selected steps; 2) Prevent multiple steps from getting highlighted when stepping, stopping, and starting build from cursor; 3) Error when restarting build while single-stepping; 4) Double-clicking on macro icon in Macros pane did not open properties dialog.
  • GUI App: Tools | Create Scheduled Task included temporary macros twice.* [VisBuildPro.exe]
  • Builder component: Credentials specified in SyncBuildEx not honored.
  • Dr.Explain action: Fix for building of multiple formats.
  • File processing actions: 1) Attributes not checked when no path specified; 2) Fix for advanced file matching boundary condition that did not match correctly.
  • PowerShell action: 1) For remote calls, reference temporary .ps1 script as local filename to avoid 'AuthorizationManager check failed' error; 2) Add None option to Input format and Output format fields on Options tab (Input format of None is required to avoid PowerShell hangs on remote calls).* [VisBuildAct.dll]
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