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Old 11-10-2022, 05:12 AM
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Current item's name AND filename available?

From the options, for the UR window caption, it's either-or, and the option "full path" overrides the option "item name", i.e. when both options are active, just the path is displayed.

For looking up the respective file system folder, for pertinent tree entries (which I format accordingly, so that I know they come with such a folder, containing files for that "subject"), I need both information, since the UR file name determines the NTFS parent folder, and the specifically-formatted item name determines the folder I would want to look up.

(All my UR files/DBs are in the same UR folder, so I would not need the path, but just the file name; other user's mileage may vary though.)

The current item name cannot be retrieved from anywhere, except from the caption, which then hides the file name though.

(The item name can only be retrieved after opening (by F2) the rename dialog for the item, or similar, if you display the Attributes pane, after (!) clicking into the Item Name field, for editing the item name - then only, it reverts to control "Edit2", and it becomes editable AND retrievable. Thus, retrieval is only possible after triggering some "I want to edit" command, be it in the tree or in the attributes pane, or then from the "Save as" dialog, of course.)

(A combined display in the caption would best be done by first displaying the file name (or path if that option is checked), and then the item name, not the other way round, since the former would be much shorter than the latter, so the latter could not hide the former from the user's view.)

I tried really everything, including reading the registry values (OpenDocument1 (which should be the current file path) and Recent File List: File1 (which should be the previous file path), but I discovered that these info are NOT reliable: Whenever I switch between already open UR files, those values are NOT updated, and closing the files, then reopen them, in order to get those values right, is obviously not a valid option.

(Also, retrieval from the UR "Window" menu is not possible, since it's all a mesh, control-wise, with the content pane; ditto, of course, for the tabs in the "Database" toolbar - if that wasn't that way, retrieval would have been easy, in case by identifying the tab colors, then reading the text of the active tab in there.)

1) Could you implement the option to display both info in the caption? (Technically, that should be as easy as it gets.)

2) In the meanwhile:

Have I overlooked a way to retrieve, either the file name (when it's not displayed in the caption, in order to get the item title in there), or to retrieve the item title (not: item ID) (when it's not displayed in the caption, in order to get the file name in there), except by simulation of some "edit"?
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