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Old 04-24-2003, 09:21 PM
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Version 5.0

Released on April 24, 2003

  • New Borland Delphi custom action for building of Delphi projects, packages, and groups, adding features not supported by the Delphi command-line compiler.
  • New Borland JBuilder action for building JBuilder projects and groups.
  • New Perforce action for executing commands on a Perforce depot, with advanced pre- and post-processing and form submission capabilities.
  • New Run SQL custom action for running SQL scripts against a SQL Server database.
  • New Set Current Dir action for setting the current directory for all subsequent steps, allowing relative paths and filenames to be used.
  • New Transform XML Log action to 1) convert an XML log file into an easier-to read HTML file, with optional filtering of builds and step output; 2) close the log tags in an XML log file (for attaching to an email during a build); 3) Apply an XSLT stylesheet to any XML document.
  • New ZIP Files and UNZIP Files actions to add to and extract from ZIP files.

  • New feature: Provide integration with Scheduled Tasks applet/service for scheduling builds (Tools menu).
  • New feature: Add shortcut key (Ctrl+Shift+G) to jump to the subroutine from a Subroutine Call step.
  • New feature: Add status bar indicator for current/total step within the step grid.
  • New feature: Add the capability to attach script code to custom build and step events (see 'script events' in the help).
  • New feature: Add capability for user-creation of custom action screens and components (see 'user-defined actions' in the help).
  • New system script functions for date/time formatting and support of looping functions using macros.
  • New feature: Add global subroutine step capability for defining steps that are available across all projects.

  • Enhancement to COM+ Component action: Add 'Default' option to Transaction and Synchronization fields to allow default or properties configured on the component to be used.
  • Enhancement to Copy Files action: Add 'flat copy' option to copy all matching files in all subfolders to a single destination folder.
  • Enhancements to InstallShield action: 1) Add support for InstallShield Express 4; 2) Improve support for InstallShield Pro two-step compile process -- invoke Compile.exe in addition to IsBuild.exe.
  • Enhancements to Make VS.NET action: 1) Support web projects on IIS 6.0 (Windows Server 2003); 2) Improved handling of $(OutputDir) and $(SolutionDir) in target executable path for VC++.NET projects; 3) Improved handling of Enterprise Template projects.
  • Enhancements to Replace in File action: 1) Support literal replacement with an empty string; 2) Support for Windows encodings (code pages) when reading and writing files.
  • Enhancement to Send Mail action: Don't require From field.
  • Enhancements to SourceSafe action: 1) Don't include double quotes around parameter values that don't contain spaces; 2) trim spaces from values in 'Project to process' field.
  • Enhancement to Write File action: Support for Windows encodings (code pages) when reading and writing files.
  • Enhancements to Write Registry action: 1) Support modification of registry values on remote computers; 2) Support deleting registry keys.
  • Enhancements to actions generating command-line arguments: 1) Only add double quotes around parameters containing spaces; 2) Escape double quote and backslash characters as necessary.

  • Enhancement: Support toggling the include in build status of an individual step containing child steps (if the Shift key is held down when toggling the checked status, only that step is toggled even if it has children).
  • Enhancements to step drag/drop and copy/paste: 1) if a step has children and is collapsed, the child steps are included in the copy/drag operation; 2) if a step is dropped on a collapsed step, it is inserted at the same level as the collapsed step; 3) don't use clipboard for drag/drop operations.
  • Enhancements to project properties dialog: 1) additional statistics, 2) access to Explorer properties, 3) project-level log file configuration.
  • Enhancement: The macro type is included in the tooltip on the Insert Macro dialog.
  • Enhancement: Support for editing step properties of multiple steps at once.
  • Enhancement: When browsing to folders/files in dialogs, default to the directory of the selected text if a valid directory.
  • Enhancement: Child projects started from a VisBuildPro Project action are launched minimized if the parent project is minimized.
  • Enhancement: Log errors to Event Viewer when scheduled builds fail to launch or when unable to write to log file.
  • Enhancement to step properties dialog: 1) Show step name instead of action in step properties dialog; 2) Show modified indicator (*) in caption when changes have been made but not yet committed.
  • Enhancement: Support for entry, display, and processing of Unicode text in actions.
  • Enhancement: Full support for running Visual Build Pro as a non-power user.
  • Enhancement: Improved support for multiple monitors.
  • Enhancement: Reduce application startup time.
  • Enhancement: Minimize size of saved .bld files (remove properties matching their default values after editing).
  • Enhancement: Add 'is true' conditional build rule comparison option (useful for script expressions in rules).
  • Enhancement: Add application option to set the current directory to the project directory when a project is loaded or saved.
  • Enhancement: Include step checked status in print/print preview.
  • Enhancement: Improve display of cell tooltips containing newline characters.
  • Enhancement: Steps created from Visual Studio add-ins are placed in a new, empty project even if the 'reload last project' option is enabled.
  • Enhancement: Expand macro/script references within a prompted macro value.
  • Enhancement: Add user option to limit the amount of text retained in the build view (keeping only last x number of lines, defaulting to 10,000).

  • Bug fixes in Make VB6 action: 1) Fix to support setting of compatibility and target dir on individual projects (previously only worked when specifying a project group filename); 2) Eliminate extraneous messages about setting compatibility dir.
  • Bug fix: Resize windows to remain within desktop display area when screen resolution changed while application closed.
  • Bug fix: Some checkboxes were reversed on Tools | User Options | Columns dialog tab.
  • Bug fix in Replace in File action: Fix lockup when performing a literal replacement and the search and replace strings are identical.
  • Bug fix to Copy Files action: In certain cases, files were not excluded when a folder exclusion was specified.
  • Bug fix: Support loading .bld files containing UTF-8 byte order mark (BOM). The BOM gets added when saved as UTF-8 in Windows Notepad.
  • Bug fix: Don't strip percent signs from name field of Set Macro action (macros will be expanded before naming the macro, so this should be allowed).
  • Bug fix: Prevent entry of macro with spaces in the name.
  • Bug fix: Better handling of read-only global macros file when saving projects.
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