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Old 08-30-2006, 11:48 AM
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Question VB6: Slashes in the macro disappeared


I had VB5x. There is a macro in my globals:

<description>options for resource compiler to make version info in C++ native projects</description>
<envvar type='11'>-1</envvar>

This macro assembles command line for resource compiler from few other macros.

This is how result looked like in VB5x:

/dFILE_VERSION_BIN=2,4,0,6 /dPRODUCT_VERSION_BIN=2,4,0,6 /dFILE_VERSION=\"2,4,0,6\" /dPRODUCT_NAME=\""My Project"\" /dPRODUCT_VERSION=\"2,4,0,6\"

Everything was OK. Notice, that slashes were preserved.
Now I has installed VB6.

With the same globals it produces this:
/dFILE_VERSION_BIN=2,4,0,6 /dPRODUCT_VERSION_BIN=2,4,0,6 /dFILE_VERSION="2,4,0,6" /dPRODUCT_NAME=""My Project""

You can see that VB6 differently handles things like this:
/dPRODUCT_NAME=\""My Project"\",
specifically - \"". Slashes have disappeared.

Is it a bug? Side effect? Feature?

What should I specifiy in the macro in order to have the result look like this: \""My Project"\" (including slashes)?

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Old 08-30-2006, 01:50 PM
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There is a bug when loading v5 global macro values containing the string \" in v6 -- it incorrectly strips the backslash character (it's related to logic needed when converting v3 macros, but it incorrectly processes v4/5 macros in this way too). If you have the original v5 .macros file or have not modified global macros in v6 yet, you can exit VBP and change the 2nd line


in the .macros file to

<macros version="6">

Otherwise, just add the backslashes back in to the macro value in v6 to correct the problem.
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