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Old 02-01-2016, 11:12 AM
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Linked fields

I have been finding that there are several different ways that I could use linked fields in my databases... For example, I have a couple of templates for orders that I'm tracking and there are a couple of fields that are on all of the templates and are all related in a specific way (site name is one to one with Site ID and many to one with the other three attributes): Site Name, Site ID, region, country, city... I can think of three ways to implement what I mean:

1. I have the site name set to remember values so that I get a drop down list of all previously used sites in that file.. I'd love it if, when I choose a site name, the other fields above were filled in with the values that I'd previously used with the same site name
2. If I could create a template that had those fields and when I select the site name, UR looked up that site name in the items of that template type and pulled the rest of the fields from that item.
3. If I had to create a table lookup item that had a list of all of the options so that if you select from column A (being the site name), then the rest of the columns are filled out from the table.

I can think of many different ways that this would be useful in my day to day use of UR...
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