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Old 08-11-2005, 01:29 PM
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How can I do advanced text editing (tables, etc)?

Three different ways to achieve advanced RTF editing with Ultra Recall rich text are documented below:

Use the UR rich text editor: Use the internal text editor, which supports tables, numbering, bullets, etc., to edit text. Install a rich edit control that supports tables in order to create tables.

Prerequisite: To accomplish advanced editing of RTF content stored in Ultra Recall (either externally or internally), you will need to ensure that .rtf is in the File Extensions to open stored documents writeable: file extension list found at Tools | Options | Documents <tab>.

External advanced RTF editing: If you only occasionally need advanced RTF editing, or prefer to use Word or another RTF editor external to Ultra Recall, the simplest method is to simply open the Info Item externally, using Item | Open Document with a default keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+J. The Item's Item Detail Pane RTF content will be opened in whatever application is associated with .rtf files on your system. Edit the content as desired, then save the file (and optionally close the application as well). When you navigate to another item, or close Ultra Recall, UR will update the Info Item with the externally modified .rtf content (you will be prompted before UR does this update if you have Prompt before updating from local copy of stored document checked at Tools | Options | Documents <tab>.

Internal advanced RTF editing (with MS Word): You can use Microsoft Word within Ultra Recall to do all RTF editing by ensuring .rtf is in the File extensions to display in internal browser view: file extension list found at Tools | Options | Browser <tab>. In this configuration, Ultra Recall will load Microsoft Word within the Internal Browser View. You can customize the toolbars shown by Word in the Item Details Pane (right click on any visible toolbars, then check/uncheck to select toolbars, then drag them to the position you desire), Ultra Recall will "remember" the displayed toolbars and their positions.

Note: You can also edit Microsoft Word files (.doc), Microsoft Excel files (.xls), Microsoft PowerPoint files (.ppt), etc inside of Ultra Recall the same way - by adding the appropriate extension to the File extensions to display in internal browser view: file extension list mentioned above.
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