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Old 10-06-2009, 08:24 PM
teratorn teratorn is online now
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Import / Archive YouTube content, etc?

Hi is there any way to import a youtube URL (page,
including video... or *just* video)?

I want to do this a lot, and I need a too that can handle


Seems like a common enough thing to do, huh?

*Sigh*, yes, this is another cheap advertisement for a
Plugin / Scripting System for Ultra Recall. Discussion and
notes have been posted before. [1]

This, and hundreds of other specialized features like it,
are the sort of thing that we, as loyal UR users, are
*denied* by the powers that be.

I feel dis-empowered and I'm not very happy about it :/

If UR was partially or fully open-source, e could move
forward on this front independently, but UR is a normal
commercial company property and so we need the help
of a nice friendly company to provide some Support,

Perhaps the company would consider subbing out the
manpower needed to get these interfaces and
infrastructure in place, perhaps as the basis for a new
version of the product? (One can dream.)

Alas, there are hundreds and thousands of
programmers out there that have the skills to produce
many, many, many useful UR plugins... You *could*
even provide a plugin system far better than firefox, for
example, and look how far they've gone with what little
they have. But anything really would be a start.


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Old 10-07-2009, 10:49 AM
kinook kinook is online now
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I don't know what is available for that, but if you can download it into some non-streaming offline format, you could import the file into UR easily enough.

And a data layer API is still on our todo list. We would bump the priority if more users expressed an interest, but so far only a handful have.
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