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Old 08-07-2007, 09:47 AM
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Version 3.2

Released on August 7, 2007

New Features
  • Option to prompt for import location when importing from other applications (Tools | Options | Import).
  • Options to customize fonts within UR panes (Tools | Options | Fonts).
  • Customized insert date+time/rename to date+time formatting option (Tools | Options | Miscellaneous).
  • Quick access to toggle common options from menu/toolbar/keyboard (Tools | Quick Options).
  • Support insert and rename in Link/Move/Copy and Jump dialogs.
  • Drag/drop onto a search result to move/copy/link to that item.
  • Menu item/command to go to detail area of a form or contact (View | Other Windows | Form Details).
  • Option to export item notes as RTF.
  • Option to include notes with item text RTF export.
  • Option to prevent browser/detail pane from stealing focus (Tools | Options | Browser).
  • Options to increase import/update performance: 1) Adjust SQLite synchronous setting: create DWORD registry value HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kinook Software\Ultra Recall\Options\SynchronousLevel with a value of 0 and restart UR, delete or set to 1 and restart to use default synchronous level; 2) disable undo/redo: create DWORD registry value HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kinook Software\Ultra Recall\Options\DisableUndoRedo with a value of 1 and restart UR, delete or set to 0 and restart to re-enable undo/redo.
  • Automatic check for updates option (Tools | Options | Miscellaneous).

  • Reload changes when switching to a tab showing same item modified in another tab.
  • Support cut/copy/paste between hoisted trees.
  • Honor 'New tab' option from Favorites dialog (Favorites | Organize) whenever opening favorites.
  • Support updating form date field via Calendar pane (Alt+C).
  • Show combined note text for multiple selection if related option is enabled.
  • Map document summary Title property to item title if 'Tools | Options | Import (More) | Use document title for item title if available' is checked.
  • Support multiple selection in Item Keywords dialog for search and delete.
  • Sort Insert menu/toolbar in tree order.
  • Item | Open Containing Folder opens TEMP path of stored document item.
  • Convert filenames in .urd path or subfolder that are dropped onto form fields to relative paths.
  • Remember Reminder dialog new tab and snooze value between sessions.
  • Make Empty Recycle Bin non-undoable (faster).
  • 'Tools | Options | Reload tabs from last session' option also applies to reselecting last item.

    Bug fixes
  • Error could occur when moving items in hoisted tree.
  • Error when going back after permanent delete.
  • Error viewing imported web page for some sites.
  • Hang when switching between databases for some users.
  • 'The parameter is incorrect' error could occur when updating/syncing Outlook tasks.
  • Items with very long titles cause crash when copying.
  • Foreign key violation error when changing selection after deleting an attribute while a form showing the attribute is selected.
  • Reminders for items in Recycle Bin that are not immediate children of the Recycle Bin should not trigger.
  • Document Size/Compressed Size exists/does not exist advanced search not working properly.
  • Document summary property could get mapped to wrong UR attribute.
  • Don't convert relative anchors when storing web pages.
  • (Item) matches wildcard search doesn't include Item Notes.
  • Item Notes matches wildcard searches not working properly.
  • Search on item text doesn't match and Item Notes and Item Text columns in Related Items pane blank if not keywording associated extension.
  • Move left could move to wrong place in tree (display problem only).
  • Sorted siblings lose sorting after inserting another sibling.
  • Items with forms having time fields could be saved when they haven't actually changed.
  • With focus in form detail area, focus returns to form field after Calendar pane displayed and closed.
  • Changing 'Set focus to form' option (Tools | Options | Miscellaneous) doesn't stick.
  • Backspace, Enter, and F2 not working properly when viewing folder contents in embedded browser.
  • Set focus to Item Notes pane/form child when inserting internal link into Item Notes/form child.
  • Template drop-down list in Item Attributes pane not sorted alphabetically.
  • Retain last sort in Attribute Editor dialog after modifying attribute.
  • Mozilla/Thunderbird extensions buttons sometimes duplicated.
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