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Old 10-13-2009, 10:14 PM
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Version 4.1

Released on October 13, 2009


  • Support portable mode when run from non-removable drive (create an empty text file named UltraRecall.ini in the path of UltraRecall.exe and restart UR).+
  • Automatically end highlighting, begin editing, and keep selection and scroll position when typing into text item with highlighted search results.
  • Option to automatically edit web page items (Tools | Options | Documents | Automatically begin editing web page items when selected).
  • Full-text search enhancements:

    Ultra Recall 4.1 can utilize SQLite's full-text search (FTS) capabilities for improved phrase searching. In UR 4.0 and earlier, UR stored keywords for all text that was parsed from item text and documents. Since the keywords are indexed, "contains keyword" and Quick searches are typically very fast. But since individual words, not the full text, are stored in the database file, phrase searching could be slow (since the item text needs to be reparsed during the search), and displaying the Item Text and Item Notes attributes could also be slow.

    To use the new FTS capability, backup your database, then choose Tools | Compact and Repair on the menu, check the Enable enhanced full-text search features checkbox (also check Compact to shrink the database as much as possible after converting), and click OK. The conversion process can take a while, since each item must be reparsed for its text, and linked online documents must be retrieved again for their text content. Converting a 250 MB database took about 20 minutes in our tests. Converting a database to use FTS actually shrank the database by 20% on average, but your results may vary.

    New databases have FTS enabled by default, but existing databases are not automatically converted to enable FTS (the existing search behavior is used). Databases that have been converted to use FTS can also be converted back to the old behavior (by unchecking the Enable option in Compact and Repair).

    When FTS is enabled, the bottom of Help | About | Install Info will show Database version: 4.0.0 [FTS], the Auto-generated keywords list in the Keywords dialog (Item | Keywords) will always be empty, Tools | Keyword Exclusions is disabled (no longer applies), and an item's Keyword Count attribute will include only user-defined keywords.

    Searches work nearly the same as with FTS disabled (implicit AND when multiple words are entered in the search criteria, OR supported for 'or' conditions, double quotes for phrase searches, etc.), but extended phrase searching syntax is no longer necessary, and phrase searches should be faster.

    New capabilities include the NOT prefix to exclude items containing a specific word, NEAR to find two words near each other, and parentheses
    are supported for complex search conditions. A Relevance system attribute is also available in the Search Results pane (View | Choose Columns).

    Differences to be aware of:

  • Matching is now done on a whole word basis, and instead of specifying this option globally (by unchecking the Match whole words option), add a * to each word that should match partially (i.e., word*).
  • AND, OR, NOT, and NEAR must be capitalized to be treated as logical operators.
  • Searching in an FTS database will not work properly with UR 4.0 and earlier.

    Bug Fixes

  • User-defined keywords not copied with inter-db copy.
  • XML/HTML export writes multiple stored documents with same URL to same filename.+
  • Hoisting lost in original tab after opening item in new tab.+
  • Moving manually ordered items right sorts the items.
  • Error exporting item note if title contains invalid filename characters (? \ / : * " < >).
  • Choose location dialog could default to Link during Copy to Ultra Recall from IE/Firefox with page selection.
  • Error displaying stored web page with foreign characters in URL.
  • Syncing a folder could create untitled child items with same folder path.+
  • Select location dialog defaults to Link when Copy to Ultra Recall from IE/Firefox with page selection.
  • Images in stylesheets of local imported web pages not displayed.
  • Firefox extension not always working with portable UR.+
  • Copy and paste in tree moves instead of logically linking or results in 'recursive linking not allowed' error.+
  • MIME viewer shows RTF code instead of body text for Outlook messages.+
  • Imported Outlook messages have invalid reminder.+

    + = Professional edition only
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