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Old 02-18-2023, 03:29 PM
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Two search results table bugs - when that pane is independent only

First of all, since I use AHK, it's obvious that whenever I encounter problems with UR, I check with AHK disabled, so I don't risk to bother you with problems caused by (my faulty then) AHK code. Back to UR:

Since you very thankfully told me how to do it - Lineage (first ordering), Tree Order (second ordering), Item Title (into which the "flags"' formattings are propagated) - I'm very fond of the Search Results Pane (SRP): It's extremely helpful for speedy info management.

Also, I repeat it here for that fact to get it better known: When we dismiss highlighting of the search terms (that's the condition), we are able to manually edit any of the search results from the SRP, one-by-one but "in bulk" in way (and afterwards, we can re-activate that "highlighting"). So:

I have my screen in 2 halves: left = UR, with 1/3 tree, 2/3 content-pane, and, after search, vertical half of that for SRP: Thus, then, both content-pane and SRP are not high enough, and SRP is not broad enough (since I need the Lineage rather broad, in order to not become "lost in my hyperspace", and then the Item-Title gets rather narrow...

Thus, I have experimented with drawing the SRP OUT of my (up to then, unique) UR window, to the RIGHT half of my screen (which otherwise contains "secondary" applications: Firefox, dictionaries...): both the content-pane (in its original location) AND the SRP are now full-height (1440 pix), AND "full size", horizontally, i.e. half-screen-width, i.e. somewhat 1270 pix).

And here, I got into problems.

When the SRP is within UR's main window, it (well) functions as follows:

- search results are displayed

- focus is on first item in result list

- (1) up/down arrows function as expected, i.e. will navigate within search results

- (2) F2 will select and "open" the "Item Title" column in the result-list, and any edit you do then in the title there, will propagate to the title column of that item in the UR db: PERFECT!

- ENTER will shift focus to content-pane of that item (and you can edit that, within the above-mentioned conditions)

Now for the the SRP as an independent UR window:

1) (tiny)

As before, first item in result-list is selected automatically. Down-arrow then will NOT select the second item in that list, BUT will go to the content-pane of the very first item; you will have to go manually back to the SRP, and further Down-arrow pressings then (only) function as expected, i.e. STAY within the SRP, while, without switching focus, displaying the respective content in the content-pane.

(Please note that "Options - Search - Focus SRP after search completes" is selected / active in both situations, and "ditto - Select first match after search completes" is DE-selected / IN-active in both situations - whilst "ditto - highlight matches if OFF in both situations.)

2) (awful)

F2, as said, functions as expected in situation 1, but when the SRP is "independent" (situation 2), it invariably selects, and invites you to "edit" the Lineage (!!!), and that, independently of weather the Lineage is in position 1, 2 or 3 in the above scenario, i.e. even if I put "lineage" behind tree-position and item-title, I should "edit" Lineage, whilst the Item-Title remains unattainable for any editing.

(Thus, for the time being, I HAD to revert to the "traditional" setup, with the SRP integrated into UR's main window.)
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