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Old 02-27-2006, 04:29 PM
igoldsmid igoldsmid is online now
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snooze all


Would it be possible to add a 'snooze all' button to the reminders window please?

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Old 04-28-2006, 11:05 PM
John Paquette John Paquette is online now
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Thumbs up I agree, but bind snooze durations to items

Currently the snooze duration is "sticky", i.e. the default snooze duration is the last chosen snooze duration for any reminder item.

But there are some reminder items that I want to snooze for 5 minutes, and others that I want to snooze for 12 hours or 2 days.

If there were a snooze-all button, there would be an issue of what duration to use for each snoozed item. It wouldn't be good to indiscriminately snooze all the items for the same duration.

I think the default snooze duration should be on an item-by-item basis, rather than being associated with the reminder dialog in general. That is, as I click on different items in the reminder dialog, I want the default snooze duration to change to reflect the amount last used to snooze that particular item.

Then, "snooze all" would just use each item's particular default snooze duration to snooze it. Or, you could just press "snooze" over and over, and see the duration change for each item being snoozed.
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