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Old 12-15-2008, 05:56 PM
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Version 7.0

Released on December 22, 2008

Release announcement:

See for issues to be aware of when upgrading from older versions.

New Features

  • GUI App: Call Stack pane (View | Other Windows).
  • GUI App: Watches pane (View | Other Windows).
  • Logging: Support log output verbosity level (Tools | Application Options | Logging).
  • Logging: Colorization of build output (console app, Output pane, and HTML reports).
  • Logging: Options for whether to log skipped steps and step starting events in Output pane (Tools | User Options | Output) and text log files (Tools | Application Options | Logging).
  • Logging: Filtering of log message output in XML -> HTML reports (Transform XML Log action).
  • Encrypt password fields and encrypted macro values in project and macros files, optionally with a user-defined key (File | Change Password).
  • Build Runtime: Runtime version for automated build-only deployment.
  • Windows DEP (Data Execution Prevention) compatibility.
  • HideConsole app to run console application with no window.
  • Installer: Options for runtime-only installation, Explorer integration, and file associations.


  • GUI App: Easier navigation in large projects (enhancements to Go | To Step dialog and output pane logging [Tools | User Options | Output]).
  • GUI App: Use Explorer tree/list look and feel on themed Windows Vista.
  • GUI App: Option to show/hide tree lines (Tools | User Options | Miscellaneous).
  • GUI App: Add Visual Studio 2008 theme (Tools | Customize | Options).
  • GUI App: Option to keep multiple backup copies (Tools | User Options | Backups).
  • GUI App: Add auto-save user option (Tools | User Options | General).
  • GUI App: Option to limit tool tip length to prevent flickering (Tools | User Options | Miscellaneous).
  • GUI App: Option to disable step property validation (Tools | User Options | Projects/Steps).
  • Logging: Additional properties included in XML log output (indent and index).
  • Hide logged password properties in build output.
  • Default new macro category to selected category.
  • READ_XML macro: Do not validate document, resolve externals, or prohibit DTD.
  • Builder component: 1) Handle macro name not wrapped by percent sign chars for 'is defined' and 'is undefined' conditional build rule; 2) Application option for whether to always show window of GUI apps that are launched from a build (Tools | Application Options | Advanced).
  • Console App: Wait for keypress before exiting when started with no or invalid flags.

    New Actions

  • 7-Zip (7z, bzip2, rar, etc.)
  • Document! X
  • Fortress (SourceGear)
  • IIS (v7)
  • Loop
  • Make Delphi Prism
  • Read File
  • Read INI File
  • Read Registry
  • Read XML

    Action Enhancements

  • All actions: Options to pause before and/or after building step and/or retry step if failed (More tab of Step Properties dialog -- failure step handling options also moved here).
  • All actions that run programs: 1) Add Remote tab for remote execution; 2) Add Advanced tab to specify username, password, priority, affinity, wait for completion, and log command-line of called program (moved from Remote tab).
  • All file processing actions: 1) Support filtering on size, date, and attributes (Attributes tab); 2) Support specifying path and filename/mask in source folder field (instead of path in source folder field and filename/mask in Include field).
  • All actions with grid fields: 1) Add Up/Down buttons to move the selected row up and down; 2) increase width of fixed grid column.
  • AccuRev action: Support v4.5 through v4.7.
  • Advanced Installer action: Support v6.
  • Burn CD/DVD action: Support importing previous sessions.
  • COM+ actions: Support configuring roles.
  • DeployMaster action: Support v3.
  • Doc-O-Matic action: Support v6.
  • Doc-To-Help action: Support v2008 and v2009.
  • ExpertInstall action: Support Tarma Installer v5.
  • Flare action: Support v4.
  • FTP action: 1) Support SFTP; 2) Add Delete option.
  • Help and Manual action: 1) Support v5; 2) Parse option treats 'Error: ' in build output as error.
  • HTTP action: 1) Option to log percent complete progress if file size is available; 2) Perform put and get commands in one step.
  • Inno Setup action: Support specifying ISPP #define directives.
  • InstallAnywhere action: Support v2008 and v2009.
  • InstallAware action: Support v7.5 and v8.
  • InstallShield action: Support v2009.
  • List Files action: Option to list empty folders.
  • Log Message action: Specify log level.
  • Make Delphi / C++Builder actions: 1) Support v2009; 2) Don't create .bak files when modifying versions and properties.
  • Make VB6 action: 1) Add option to set to binary compatibility before building; 2) Don't create .bak files when modifying versions and properties.
  • Make VC6 action: Don't create .bak files when modifying versions and properties.
  • Make VS 2005 / 2008 actions: 1) Support VS 2008/.NET 3.5; 2) Support building of individual Web Deployment (.wdproj), Reporting Services (.rptproj), Analysis Services (.dwproj), Integration Services (.dtproj), WiX (.wixproj), and Visual Fortran (.vfproj) files; 3) Don't create .bak files when modifying versions and properties; 4) Handle namespace prefix on attributes in AssemblyInfo files.
  • NAnt action: Support v0.86.
  • NCover action: Support v2.1 through v3.
  • NUnit action: Support v2.4.5 through 2.4.8.
  • Perforce action: Support v2008.1.
  • PowerShell/Batch File action: Support passing parameters to script/batch file.
  • Rename Files action: Support renaming folders too.
  • RoboHelp action: Support v7.
  • Run Oracle Script action: Support passing parameters to SQL script.
  • Run SQL action: Support v2008.
  • Sandcastle action: Support September 2007 through May 2008 releases and Sandcastle Help File Builder 1.6 - 1.7.
  • Service action: Support create, configure, pause, resume, query, and delete operations.
  • SetupBuilder action: Support v6.5 through v6.9.
  • Setup Factory action: Support MSI Factory v2 and Setup Factory v8.
  • Sign Code action: 1) Option to retain original modification timestamp; 2) Option to not re-sign if already signed.
  • Sisulizer action: Support v2008.
  • StarTeam action: Support v2008.
  • Subversion action: Support v1.5.
  • Surround SCM action: Support v2008.
  • Telnet action: Support SSH.
  • Transform XML Log action: Options for validation, resolve externals, and prohibit DTD.
  • UNZIP Files action: 1) Support .gz and .tar files; 2) Add 'Do not convert filenames to OEM character set' to support extracting older (PKZIP 2.04g compatible) files.
  • VMware Workstation action: 1) Support for Workstation 6.5 and Server 2.0; 2) Support blank guest password.
  • Wait action: Support durations specified in seconds or minutes:seconds only.
  • WiX action: Automatically locate WiX installation path.
  • Write XML action: 1) Options for whether to validate and resolve externals; 2) Don't fail if MSXML version doesn't support ProhibitDTD property.
  • ZIP Files action: Support .gz and .tar files.

    Bug Fixes

  • Don't stop at breakpoints of skipped steps.
  • Wait action: waiting for multiple process could cause high CPU usage.
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