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Old 03-22-2003, 01:37 PM
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Version 4.5

Released on October 14, 2002

  • New Copy Files action for copying, moving, deleting, and synchronizing files and folders (supporting incremental copy, purging, auto-retry, debug mode, and more).
  • New CVS action for performing commands on a CVS version control repository.
  • New GAC Install action for installing or uninstalling components from the .NET Global Assembly Cache.
  • New Replace in File action for finding and replacing text in a file (with regular expression support).
  • New Service action for stopping and starting services on local or remote computers.
  • New VS6 Get Version action for retrieving the project version for a VB6 or VC6 project.
  • New Write INI action for creating, updating, and deleting values in INI files, and READ_INI macro for reading values.

  • New Feature: support overriding of checkbox and radio button fields on custom action screens to dynamically determine the field's value based on a macro, script, etc. (for instance, to have a single step to register or unregister a component, or to force/not force a build of a Visual Studio solution). See 'field override' in the help index for more details.
  • New Feature: when copying steps and macros to the clipboard, they are copied as text in XML format (using the same format they are stored in the project file), making it easy to copy steps or macros to and from email messages and other text editors.
  • New Feature: add user option to select whether clicking on a step's action icon toggles its 'Include in Build' flag (Project View tab).
  • New Feature: when browsing to folders and files in the Step Properties dialog, automatically converts paths in or under the project path to use %PROJDIR% macro.
  • New Feature: stop auto-scrolling of Build view if user manually scrolls the window during a build (re-enable auto-scrolling if manually scrolled back to the end of the output).
  • New Feature: add Build Selected shortcut/menu/toolbar item to start the build from the selected step and pause (Alt+F10).
  • New Feature: add shortcut key and menu/toolbar items to launch Script Editor from main window (Ctrl+Alt+S).

  • Modify to support Pause (Esc) and un-Pause/Continue (F7) while a step is still building. Useful on long-running steps when single-stepping (debugging) to signal the build to continue instead of breaking after the step finishes, or to "undo" a pause or build request before the step completes.
  • Make local path field optional on SourceSafe action to exclude -GL flag and use working folder setting.
  • Add support for Visual J# .NET projects to Make VS.NET action.
  • Update Make VS.NET action to support web projects connected to virtual directories created outside of Visual Studio .NET.
  • Enhancements to Make VS.NET action: 1) add support for building of individual projects; 2) add option to specify which version to increment (Build or Revision Number).
  • Enhancements to Make VC6 action: 1) new option to support lib dependencies (no longer need to explicitly add dependent lib projects to project settings in multi-project workspaces); 2) new option to display a list of failed projects at end of build; 3) support setting path for target executables; 4) add option to specify which version to increment (Build or Revision Number); 5) ignore RC files in project that don't exist when setting versions/properties; 6) no longer use VSMake tool when building--logic built into custom action.
  • Enhancements to Make VB6 action: 1) add option to show which file triggered an incremental build; 2) add option to exclude VBP from consideration for incremental builds; 3) new option to display a list of failed projects at end of build; 4) don't update VBP timestamp when changing target exe or references; 5) fix to fail when one or more projects fail and the continue on failure option is checked; 6) no longer use VSMake tool when building--logic built into custom action.
  • Enhancements to SourceSafe action: 1) Add samples, help, and support for many additional operations; 2) set current directory of ss.exe command to 'Path for local files' field as required for some operations such as Diff and Add; 3) add option to show but not retrieve local files (for debugging purposes); 4) add additional options field for custom command-line options; 5) ensure local path exists before invoking ss.exe; 6) no longer use SSHELPER tool when building--logic built into custom action.
  • Enhancements to Process Files action: 1) support inclusion and exclusion of folders as well as files (indicated by prefixing the folder name/mask with slash or backslash, i.e.: /Debug, /myfolder*, etc.); 2) show X of Y count in log output for each file.
  • Enhancements to Subroutine Call action: 1) support assigning of additional macro values when calling; 2) add option to expand macros/script in temporary macros for subroutine parameters before the subroutine is called.
  • Enhancement to VisBuildPro Project action: support "Don't close" flag on GUI app.
  • Enhancement to Run Program action: support redirecting standard input from a file or string.
  • Enhancement: support insertion of macros into drop-down combo fields.
  • Enhancement to saving of global macros and script: 1) Save any modifications to global macros/script when project is saved; 2) add Save button to Script Editor to save all script changes during editing session; 3) save any modifications to global script and macros on a catastrophic error.

  • Bug fix: clear GUI app's project modified flag when saving project via object model in script code.
  • Bug fix: evaluate build rule in first step of a subroutine each time it is called.
  • Bug fix: when printing or previewing projects, for steps longer than one page in length, print the first page of the step instead of multiple blank pages.
  • Bug fix: don't display scroll tip on Insert Action dialog.
  • Bug fix: hide text for password fields on FTP and Send Mail actions.
  • Bug fix: save any changes to global macros collection to disk when the console app exits or the Application automation object is disposed of (previously, global macros were only saved when the GUI app exited).

  • Bug fix: builds now write build done message to correct log file if LOGFILE is passed in as temporary macro.

  • Bug fix: re-enable auto-scrolling of project view at the start of each build (auto-scrolling is canceled when the user scrolls during a build, but was not properly reenabled at the start of a build).

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