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Old 06-21-2022, 08:47 AM
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Oh, I didn't know that, that's brilliant! (I had done it "manually" each time.)

What is the UR files' code page / language format?, please, or are there several codepages even? (Window has got two, not one, from my current research. Is there any setting within UR, perhaps in the registry?

They say the codepage for a sqlite file should be UTF-8 (which would be 65001, there is also 437 for U.S., 850, the default Western European one, and then 1252, West Europen Latin, and I read precisely that one multiple times in UR files' headers, but I find there other indications, too, so I am not sure: which one applies, please?

I haven't found, by web search, any indication of the used character set, neither in the UR help file, "language", "utf", "utf-8", "utf-16", "ansi", "code page", etc. all don't give any result. (So my problem for sqlite.exe clipboard output (only) persists, but I'm in discussion about that problem in their forum currently, will "update" if there is a viable solution, or in case create file output to a virtual drive a: within the work memory (1 GB or just 500 MB would be sufficient), then write to and read from these "files" in the virtual drive. Since:

I WAS MISTAKEN about sqlite3.exe's
.output d:/ur/filename.db
.once d:/ur/filename.db
(always with /, not \ !!!):
the file manager I use most of the time (instead of several paid ones), FreeCommander XP, does NOT update (at all, or then just after several minutes!) the "0" content indicator in its list view, since it obviously doesn't "get" that there is already present the expected content, having been written into the pre-existing file (since previously created by sqlite3.exe (i.e. before the "select"), then filled up later on (after the "select"), even in the .once case. Thus I erroneously thought those files remaining empty, since FC told me so: my bad!)

Sorry for the additional confusion created!

Sorry, I had not thought to also search the forum, so I have done this search now, I find the threads
and it seems that 1252 here is right?

BUT then, would UR choose the code page it applies to the files it creates, according to, i.e. in function of the user's system codepage? (Which was 437 in my case and up to now, and which is probably not "ideal" for my multi-language needs anyway...)

I understand code pages must be any developer's nightmare...;-( (All the more so since they say there is a second (!) codepage, somewhat "hidden", in Windows... and that there are even two more but which are considered less relevant... thus, FOUR codepages on any given Windows system...)

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