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Old 07-24-2006, 11:52 PM
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drag and drop to mindmanager

In UR 2.0c, there's the quite useful Ctrl Shift I, which allows copying of a specific URL to a specific UR item.

But it's clumsy to use in Mindmanager, which could be a very useful front end visualization of the data contained in a UR db.

I've written a little macro that allows me to copy a UR URL, paste into a MM branch, then convert that branch into a hyperlink. Here are the necessary keystrokes in Aimkeys (you'd probably have to tweak it for whatever macro program you're using).

<f2><right><ctrl><shift><left><left><left><ctrl><s hift><ctrl>x<ctrl><ctrl>k<ctrl>C:\Program Files\UltraRecall\UltraRecall.exe<alt>o<alt><alt>a <alt><ctrl>v<ctrl><enter><shift><tab><shift><shift ><tab><shift><shift><tab><shift><enter>

For this to work, the option in UR for the command line format has to be set to:

%DB% /item %ITEM%

This works, but it's obviously a kludge. I would think that it would be trivial to be able to create a drag and drop, so that I could drag an item from UR and drop it on to a MM to create a branch with the appropriate name, any "notes" in a text box, and most important a hyperlink to the UR item.

What I don't know is whether this is something UR can do by itself, or whether MM has to do it. In either case, it seems like again an easy way to leverage great visualization with a great freeform repository/database.

Thanks for listening, and if other users have similar views or kludges, I'd love to hear them.
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Old 07-25-2006, 03:56 PM
igoldsmid igoldsmid is online now
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I use Mind Manager too - and am super keen to be able to use it as a front end to my extensive UR data. So far I've been unable to get MM to recognize UR Item Command Lines...

I am wondering if its possible to do this without using aimkey... Could you paste an example of the literal string that gets pasted by aimkey into the MM Branch hyperlink field? I presume you have MM set to use 'Relative' Links too?

At the moment if I paste either:

"C:\Documents and Settings\Ian Goldsmid\My Documents\UltraRecall Data\OntoLog.urd" /item 2685


UltraRecall "C:\Documents and Settings\Ian Goldsmid\My Documents\UltraRecall Data\OntoLog.urd" /item 2685

it says the link is broken. And if you have the time to read the following conversation thread with Mindjet support I think you might find this interesting. Anyway if you can let me see an example of what aimkey pastes into the MM hyperlink field I would be very grateful:

MM conversation thread reference launching non standard url's:

Dear Ian,
Ok, I've spoken with development and have good news, inconvenient news and a possible work around.

The inconvenient news is that this is designed behavior. Before sending the link into the shell, MindManager will convert the link into an absolute hyperlink before executing it unless there are certain keywords before the link, such as ftp:// or mailto.

The good news is that this behavior has already been recognized as less than ideal and our development team is working on it.

By adding a key to the registry, we can add a custom link prefix that MindManager will handle without converting into an absolute hyperlink.
Start by opening the registry and browsing to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mindjet\MindManager\6\S ettings

In the Settings folder, right click the background on the right most window of the Registry editor and choose New > String Value.

Name the new key "CustomUrlPrefixes."

Right click the new key and select "modify" then type this into the field and click OK:


You can add more than one custom prefix, as long as they are deliminated by a comma or semi colon and no spaces.

I've tested this in house and it works great.

You wrote:

I posted this in the Forum and MJ Brandon told me to submit a support request. Since then I have spoken to a very credible source who know Mind Manager inside out technically, and he confirms that the hyperlinking short coming is Mind Manager issue... So I trust you will not take me through a 101 support process anf take up a lot of my time doing such... Thank you...

I use a Note Management program called WhizFolders - which is fantastic for notes - MindManager is not - so I keep all my notes in Whizfolders. Whizfolders has just released a feature that enables copying links to its Topics, and to positions inside the text of topics - (sometimes called anchors or bookmarks)... that can be used by external programs to navigate to or inside the text of WhizFolders Topics...

Which is fantastic because you can then put these links in other applications, for example, a link to a position deep inside the text of a WhizFolders Topic can be pasted into an Outlook Task and launched from there - and if necessary WhizFolders will be opened and you will be taken to the required place inside the text of a WhizFolders Topic - or to a WhizFolders Topic itself.

A WhizFolders hyperlink looks like this:

wzfolder://c%3A%5Cdocuments+and+settings%5Cian+goldsmid%5Cmy+ documents%5Cwhizfolders%5Contolog.wzfolder%3A%3ANe w+Topic%3A%3A31044

I\'ve tested these links and they work great being launched from any application (including my web browser as I am looking at the preview of this forum article) APART FROM MINDMANAGER!!! Ughh!!

MindManager keeps adding additional path information in front of this link - so if I add this link to MindManager what I get is:

C:\\Documents and Settings\\Ian Goldsmid\\My Documents\\My Maps\\@Current Maps\\wzfolder:\\c%3A%5Cdocuments+and+settings%5Ci an+goldsmid%5Cmy+documents%5Cwhizfolders%5Contolog .wzfolder%3A%3ANew+Topic%3A%3A31044

In other words, MindManager keeps putting the path to the Map in front of the link ie. - C:\\Documents and Settings\\Ian Goldsmid\\My Documents\\My Maps\\@Current Maps - AND I\'VE TRIED EVERYTHING IN THE HELP MANUAL THAT SEEMS TO SUGGEST HOW TO AVOID THIS - ALL THE CONFUSING INFO ABOUT RELATIVE AND ABSOLUTE... NOTHING WORKS

WHY won\'t MindManager just use the EXACT link I paste into it like my other apps do, just that and NOTHING else....?

Does anyone know how to resolve this?
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Old 07-25-2006, 04:26 PM
UR user UR user is online now
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Here's the trick:

Hit ctrl-K to edit hyperlink on a MM topic.

On the Link to field: C:\Program Files\UltraRecall\UltraRecall.exe

Click on options

In the arguments field: c:\...path\urdb.urd /item ####

where "####" is the number of the UR item.

The long macro is to simply navigate and do this automatically, which requires various tabs, etc.

This works, but is clumsy. Also, if Maps are in windows folders, it's easy to link to a particular branch (edit/paste hyperlink). I don't think this can be replicated if the maps are embedded as UR items.
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Old 07-25-2006, 04:49 PM
igoldsmid igoldsmid is online now
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Apologies for being technically challenged - i'm still not clear.

When I add C:\Program Files\UltraRecall\UltraRecall.exe to Link to: I then see that MM thern turns it into this: ..\..\..\..\..\Program Files\UltraRecall\UltraRecall.exe

Now when you say click on options to add something like: c:\...path\urdb.urd /item #### to the arguments field - the only hyperlink options I can find in (MM 6 Pro) "Edit Hyperlink" is called Web Export Options, with a field called Target Frame...

I can get MM to launch UR, but still not to navigate to a specific Item in the tree...

What am I missing?

Thank you,

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Old 07-25-2006, 04:58 PM
UR user UR user is online now
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Almost there. If you click on "options" you will get a new window named "Hyperlink Options". I see two blue headings--Web Export Options, and near the bottom: Command Options

Under that I see an "Arguments:" field. This is where the
"h:\ultrarecall\projects.urd /item 1793" goes.

I think if this is done right, then the "c:\program files..." entry won't be changed into the \...\... mess.
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Old 07-25-2006, 05:28 PM
igoldsmid igoldsmid is online now
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Posts: 228
what you say couldn't be clearer thank you -

however, I don't see "Command Options" in "Hyperlink Options" - I've attached a screen shot to show you that...

Am I not seeing straight or what? :-)
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Old 07-25-2006, 05:31 PM
igoldsmid igoldsmid is online now
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Problem solved...

I was trying all your kind suggestions using the hyperlink field in Topic Notes, and the Hyperlink Options in Note Hyperlinks are NOT the same as those in the Topic Hyperlinks...

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Old 07-25-2006, 05:39 PM
igoldsmid igoldsmid is online now
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Join Date: 11-18-2004
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works perfectly - might even now try autohotkey to automate it...
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