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Old 06-27-2007, 02:45 PM
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digital pen

Anybody here uses digital pen for taking notes on the go? If so, could you please comment and/or recommend any? Thank you!
Sth like,en
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Old 06-28-2007, 04:19 AM
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Just some general thoughts.

Unless you have unlimited cash do consider these points :
A: Power
1. Built-in proprietary rechargeable batteries, (and especially the ni-cad ones - they die pretty fast - especially once the warranty runs out) which you can only replace if you send the unit in for service - I absolutely won't buy such devices no matter how good they are. Their lives are limited and servicing is a big hassle and expensive.

2. Replaceable proprietary batteries - I won't buy the device unless the device is really good - at least I can get some spare Expensive proprietary batteries before they stop making them.

3. Best - they use AAA or even AA batteries which you can replace easily.

B: Why not use "Standard devices" like PocketPCs with the appropriate software if you are considering the Mobile Notetaker.

That aside, I bought the Wizcom Pen some years ago. Looks good in theory. In practice, I don't use it that often - it becomes another device one has to carry around - so it is just sitting in my gadget box collecting dust.

So, as for me, I always have a PocketPC with me, loaded with useful software.

I can write notes with Phatware's Calligrapher and it will recognise my handwriting reasonably well with some practice. It allows me to have shortcuts (macros) which works wonders for othen used words, signatures, common phrases etc.

I can draw diagrams, sketches etc with Phatware's Phatpad. Phatpad can even recognise handwriting (with Calligrapher).

If you are patient enough, subscribe to Phatware's newsletter and you will get wind of their offers. They had one 3 day sale (50% off) for their Labor day weekend (I think it want 1 Sep 06).

And by the way, the notes and sketches can be seamlessly synched with your computer if you want. Really useful.

And with my Pocketpc, I can load it with lots of other software for different purposes. It's a great multi function device and if you combine it with a Phone, you don't have to juggle too many devices, power cords, accessories.

The only other thing that I have kind of longed for is a portable Bluetooth keyboard to allow me to take notes with the keyboard when there's a lot to write. But like I say, it's another device to carry around and it may end up lying in my gadget box but since it uses AAA batteries who knows, I may just be tempted.

Any thoughts and experience with the Stowaway Thinkoutside Keyboard would be appreciated.

Anyway, I hope this is the right thread to discuss stuff like that. Don't want to detract too much away from UR.
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Old 06-28-2007, 08:04 AM
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Originally posted by bookman
Any thoughts and experience with the Stowaway Thinkoutside Keyboard would be appreciated
Excellent device. I use it with my Palm Lifedrive (and a HP RX3700 series before that) with no current problems. When originally purchased, I had a great deal of trouble with the responsiveness of the keyboard and it skipped certain letters and taps on the spacebar. Eventually the driver was updated by ThinkOutside and that fixed it. So just be certain to install the latest driver.

I was also thinking that I would not want to take it along to meetings, etc. It is very small and light, so I have been using it more than anticipated.

The stand that supports the handheld is flimsy and I don't like it much.

I would purchase another if it ever needs replacement.

I hope this helps you.

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