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Old 03-22-2003, 01:33 PM
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Version 3.6a

Release on January 22, 2002

  • Added 'Build from Current Step' capability (accessed from the Project menu or Alt+F7).
  • Added asterisk (*) marker in title bar as indicator that project has been modified since last save.
  • Fix bug causing Visual Build to hang when the LOGFILE macro contained undefined macros.
  • Enhanced VSMake to create the executable target directory before building a VB project if it doesn't exist yet.
  • Added /targdir and /compatdir flags to VSMake to set the compiled executable path and the compatibility path to specific values before building (VB projects only).
  • Added /fveronly and /pveronly flags to VSMake to set or increment the fileversion or productversion values individually (normally, both fields are set or incremented) for VC projects.
  • Fixed bug preventing override of LOGFILE macro to take effect.
  • Fixed problem in VSMake where updating of references in dependent VBPs was written with decimal instead of hex version numbers.
  • Fixed bug causing GPF when performing a find if there was no current selection.
  • Added several macros for integrating with the Microsoft .NET Framework and/or Visual Studio.NET. Lookup '.NET' in the Visual Build help for details. Go to View|Options|Macros and click 'Reload Predefined Global Macros' to initialize the .NET global macros.
  • Added support for Windows XP themes.
  • Change VSMake to not point the binary compatible exe/dll to the project target exe/dll when /bincompat flag is used and the binary compatible exe/dll has already been set.
  • Fix bug in VSMake causing /getver to fail on VC projects if the VERSIONINFO resource wasn't in the first RC file in the project.
  • Improved handling of paths using slash (/) for separators instead of backslash (\).
  • Add LOGMSG system macro for logging messages to the build output.
  • Modify REG_READ macro parameters to require double quotes around values containing spaces to be consistent with the REG_WRITE macro. This could require changes to some existing projects (when passing parameters that contain spaces to REG_READ).
  • Remember the last opened project path and the last browsed step command/start in/file path in separate registry entries.
  • Fix duplicate keyboard mnemonics (Alt+X and Alt+W were used twice) on the step properties dialog.
  • Update help and create a sample to simplify setting up scheduled builds on Windows NT (see 'scheduling builds' in the help index and the NT.bld sample).
  • Improve truncation of long tooltips to prevent flashing of the tooltip window.
  • Don't allow changing the step selection while rebuilding selected steps.
  • Don't set up read pipes on child processes for steps set to read output from a file.
  • Enhance macro expansion to support nested parameterized macros.
  • Fix inconsistent paste behavior when no steps are selected but the focus rectangle is displayed.
  • Fix the /L option of the SSHELPER utility to work correctly.
  • Add help text for Windows keystroke (Ctrl+Enter) to insert newline characters into multi-line text controls (useful for including line breaks in step command values).
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