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Old 03-22-2003, 12:30 PM
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Version 3.2

Release on Nov. 25, 2000

  • Added ProcMask tool/macro. ProcMask is a generic utility that can be used to wrap other tools that only operate on a single file or files in a single directory. ProcMask wraps these tools and supports file masks and recursive directory searches for filename matching. Some sample uses are to search multiple paths when compiling Java source files, Visual Studio project/workspace files, etc.
  • Added SSHelper tool/macro. SSHelper is a tool that wraps calls to the Microsoft Visual SourceSafe command-line executable (ss.exe), overcoming the limitation that it doesn't provide a way to specify the database to operate on (and eliminating the need to set the SSDIR environment variable or modify the srcsafe.ini file). Note: Use of the SSDIR, SSDB, and SRCSAFE global macros are replaced by this tool; for existing projects that use these macros, they can be initialized by extracting and double-clicking OldSS.vbs, available in Tools\
  • Enhanced VSMake to support Microsoft eMbedded Tools (used for Pocket PC/Windows CE development).
  • Make Step, Macros, and Macro Properties dialogs resizable.
  • Implement Previous/Next buttons in Step Properties dialog.
  • Added an option to delete the log file at the beginning of each build.
  • Added an option to toggle whether newline characters are removed from a step command's output when logging to a file.
  • Added macros and sample for Borland JBuilder (in Borland.bld). For users with a previous version of Visual Build installed, go to View|Options|General and click the 'Reload Predefined Global Macros' button to initialize the new macros.
  • Updated SEND_MAIL macro/tool to support attaching a file to the e-mail message (for instance, to attach the build log). See the comments in SendMail.vbs in the Tools directory for details.
  • Added a sample (in Build.bld sample) for calling Visual Studio Installer to create an install executable.
  • Added sample for Microsoft Visual J++ (in Build.bld).
  • Added a sample (in Misc.bld sample) demonstrating how to call Internet Explorer to open a web page.
  • Added a new system macro, LASTSTEP_NAME, which holds the name of the last step that was processed.
  • Added lookup for executables in the 'App Paths' registry key when a path is not specified on a command. This is useful for applications that aren't in the PATH environment variable but are identified for the Window shell (for instance, iexplore.exe, etc.).
  • Always execute a Windows executable so that its window is displayed, even if marked as hidden, so that the user can view the window and respond if the application doesn't close.
  • Enhancements to VSMake to support partial matching of configuration names for C++ projects.
  • Fixed VSMake to correctly process projects where the 'output path' has been changed from the default and the 'output filename' is still set to the default setting.
  • Fixed VSMake to perform a more comprehensive lookup for the MSDEV executable when building C++ projects.
  • Fixed VSMake to wrap MSDEV/VB executable in double quotes when invoking to handle long filenames correctly.
  • Added switch to VSMake (/showcmd) to display the command-line that it is using to build each project (useful for debugging).
  • Include /NORECURSE in the command-line for VC++ projects if no /options flags passed (to prevent double rebuilds when forcing rebuilds on workspaces that have dependencies defined).
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