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Old 08-21-2006, 05:49 PM
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Version 6.2

Released on August 21, 2006

New Actions

  • Advanced Installer
  • Doc-O-Matic
  • ExpertInstall/QuickInstall
  • Export Type Library
  • Fast-Help
  • Flare
  • Generate Resource Files
  • HelpScribble
  • Import Type Library
  • Install .NET Services
  • MSIStudio
  • Multilizer
  • PEVerify
  • Setup Factory
  • Sisulizer
  • StarTeam
  • Strong Name Tool
  • Windows Installer
  • WiX (Windows Installer XML)
  • Write XML
  • WSDL
  • XSD

    Action Enhancements

  • Burn CD/DVD action: Support enhanced file globbing pattern matching capabilities.
  • COM Register action: Support registering/unregistering .NET assemblies for COM Interop.
  • Copy Files action: 1) Support enhanced file globbing pattern matching capabilities; 2) Support filtering on modification date, access date, and file size; 3) Option to continue processing remaining files on failure; 4) Option to fail the step if no matching files found; 5) Option to fail the step if errors occur purging files.
  • Delete Files action: Support enhanced file globbing pattern matching capabilities.
  • FTP action: 1) Support enhanced file globbing pattern matching capabilities; 2) Add option to log progress for every x percent completion instead of every 5 seconds.
  • InstallShield action: Support for v12.
  • List Files action: Add options to overwrite read-only file, append to file, and write as Unicode (UTF-16).
  • Make VS.NET action: Ignore non-existent resource and AssemblyInfo files.
  • Map Drive action: Detect if already mapped or substituted and treat as successful.
  • MSBuild action: Add additional options field.
  • Process Files action: 1) Support enhanced file globbing pattern matching capabilities; 2) Add option to include empty folders when processing once per folder; 3) Process immediate subfolders with non-recursive, once per folder options; 4) Add PROCFILES_CURRENT macro; 5) Always process filenames in sorted order even if not returned in that order (non-NTFS file systems).
  • Rename Files action: 1) Support enhanced file globbing pattern matching capabilities; 2) Add option to replace only first match.
  • Replace in File action: Add option to replace only first match.
  • Service action: 1) Add Timeout option; 2) Don't fail step when stopping stopped or starting running service.
  • Set File Attributes action: Support enhanced file globbing pattern matching capabilities.
  • Team Foundation action: Add password field.
  • Wait action: Support waiting for one or more processes to complete.


  • Builder component: 1) Add application options for whether to change double quotes to single quotes and escape special characters in step output macros (Tools | Application Options | Logging); 2) Add methods to ensure build thread runs under impersonated identity of creating thread and to specify identity to run all created child processes under (for instance, in ASP.NET environment) instead of default security context of process (Builder.SyncBuildEx and Builder.StartEx2); 3) Add option for whether to echo console output from programs called from the Console app (Tools | Application Options | Echo output from console programs called from Console app).
  • Console app: Colorize build output.
  • GUI app: 1) Support grouping of macros into categories and drag/drop of macros; 2) Add option to terminate action if not completed within specified timeout period (General tab of step properties dialog); 3) Display shortcuts and mnemonics on context menu; 4) Add Rebuild Step Group command (Build menu and toolbar); 5) Add Rebuild Group and Go To Subroutine items to step grid right-click menu; 6) Support dedicated multimedia keyboard keys (Undo, Redo, New, etc., when F Lock off).
  • Samples: 1) Add ASP.NET 2.0 WebLauncher sample demonstrating launching builds from a web interface; 2) Add C# VBPLogger sample (Samples\Misc\VBPLogger subfolder); 3) Threading error running CSharpClient sample under VS2005 debugger; 4) Add VBNetClient sample.
  • System macros: Add READ_XML macro for reading an XPath expression from XML file.
  • System scripts: Add y (non-zero-padded 2-digit year), mmm (abbreviated month name), and mmmm (month name) date formats to vbld_FormatDateEx.

    Bug Fixes

  • Builder component: 1) Error loading project that uses field override value for 'Build failure steps' or 'Continue building' step fields; 2) Literal doubled percents expanded if field also contains script expression; 3) In some cases, returning from a global subroutine or failure step to a subroutine step would return to the calling project step instead; 4) vbld_StepStarted and vbld_StepDone script events fired when a step was skipped.
  • COM+ Component action: Fix for 'invalid back reference' error if component path/filename contains \digit.
  • Copy Files action: 'Keep read-only' option should honor setting for folders too.
  • Custom actions: 1) Insert button not always enabled after selecting item in grid drop-down; 2) Grid edit controls not cleared on moving to previous/next step if grid is empty; 3) Action categories only partially matched for uniqueness.
  • FTP action: 1) Fix problems with recursive transfers to/from Serv-U FTP servers; 2) Could leak memory if unable to create local file on get.
  • GUI App: 1) Keyboard shortcut and options customizations were layout-specific; 2) Unable to start with environment variable names containing % characters.
  • Loggers: Macros and script in step name not expanded.
  • Make VS.NET action: 1) Version not incremented properly in .rc files from projects upgraded from VC6; 2) Extra lines in square brackets in project file causes 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error; 3) Fail the step when building individual project and no matching configurations found; 4) not finding project in nested virtual directory; 5) Increment in .rc file doesn't handle VC6 format with strings ending in \0; 6) handle [ ] entries when parsing project files.
  • Perforce action: Global -s flag prevents action from parsing changelist number for change command.
  • Process Files action: Percent % characters and brackets [ ] not escaped in PROCFILES_ macro values.
  • Run Program action: 1) Fix for output capture and intermittent exit code issues when running programs remotely; 2) Non-zero exit code not handled properly when running a program remotely.
  • Send Mail action: Message receipt options didn't work.
  • Team Build action: /b flag changed to /d in final release.
  • Transform XML Log action: 1) Nested output includes build details for all builds instead of each specific build; 2) Incorrectly reports success if called from subroutine from failure steps.
  • Wait action: 'Wait for all files' with 'Don't wait if files already exist' option doesn't properly handle some but not all files existing when step starts.
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