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Old 05-31-2007, 12:05 PM
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Version 6.4

Released on June 7, 2007

New Actions
  • Batch File
  • Doc-To-Help
  • Make C++Builder
  • PowerShell
  • Shut Down

    Action Enhancements
  • ADO action: Add 'Use Windows authentication' option when specifying username/password to authenticate via Windows/Active Directory instead of SQL Server.
  • Advanced Installer action: Support v5.
  • Copy Files action: 1) Add option to skip older files on incremental copy; 2) Add option to skip files that already exist in destination folder; 3) Store number of skipped files in COPYFILES_SKIP_COUNT temporary macro.
  • FTP action: 1) Add List action to list filenames, dates, and sizes; 2) Store total size of files listed or transferred in FTP_TRANSFER_SIZE temporary macro; 3) Option for whether to delete root destination folder when synchronizing.
  • HelpStudio action: Support HelpStudio v3.
  • List Files action: 1) Support advanced include and exclude masks; 2) Support filtering on timestamps, size, and other attributes; 3) Support additional encodings for output file.
  • Make Delphi action: 1) Support building Delphi/C++Builder 2007 projects and groups with MSBuild; 2) Convert version values to numeric (and without leading zeros) for typed version fields.
  • Multilizer action: Support v2007.
  • NUnit action: Support v2.4.
  • Perforce action: 1) Support showing label, change, and client form fields; 2) Support branch, depot, group, job, jobspec, protect, triggers, typemap, and user commands (view, create, update, and delete).
  • Vault action: Support v4.
  • VMware Workstation action: Support snapshot manipulation of VMware Server.

  • Console/GUI App: Support reading command-line parameters from a response file.
  • GUI App: 1) Additional 'Exit subroutine/build' step failure option on General step properties tab; 2) Mouse wheel scrolls in window under mouse pointer even when not focused; 3) Add option to automatically escape/unescape special characters [ ] % when copying/pasting text to/from step property and macro value fields (Tools | User Options | Miscellaneous); 4) Automatic check for updates option (Tools | User Options | General).
  • Run Program action: 1) Supporting reading standard output from PowerShell; 2) Support creating step for PowerShell script via Explorer context menu.

    Bug Fixes
  • AccuRev action: Additional options field ignored.
  • Alienbrain action: Additional options field ignored.
  • COM Register action: Unregistering without a valid filename (blank or path only) unregisters all VBP actions.
  • FTP action: Action field drop-down includes extra (invalid) items.
  • GUI App: 1) Crash on Vista with Speech Recognition or Narrator running; 2) Crash when renaming macro that has a category.
  • InstallShield: Preprocessor and path variable flags not passed correctly.
  • Make Delphi action: Action creates .vrc file instead of modifying existing .rc file when specifying .rc file in Filename field.
  • Run Program action / Builder.RunProgramEx: 'Disable logging' step option not honored when reading output from a file larger than 50K.
  • Run SQL action: 'Disable logging' step option not honored when reading output from a file larger than 50K.
  • Scripting: 'Unknown error' instead of error location and description when parsing invalid VBScript code.
  • System Script: Error calling VBScript vbld_FileOutOfDate function if target file does not exist.
  • Telnet action: Script may not wait for full delay or indefinitely for delay of 0.
  • Transform XML Log action: MSXML versioning error with some versions of MSXML.
  • Virtual PC action: Doesn't continue on launch if Virtual PC not already running.
  • Wait action: Error waiting for single process when 'Wait for all' option unchecked.
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