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Old 02-28-2004, 02:55 PM
psavage psavage is online now
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UNDO needed in IDE

Enabling undo for moused step manipulation would be extremely useful. In other words, when I accidentally drag groups of 20 or 30 steps I'd like to be able to undo it instead of having to revert to the last saved version of my project.

I think part of my problem is that it seems intuitive to me that if I move a group somewhere that the steps in the group move with it.

Whenever I fumble-finger or move steps around by mistake I end up throwing out sometimes hours of work because I'm unwilling to spend time trying to make sense of what happened. The first thing I do in this situation is to go for my old friend "undo".

Have you considered, or are you considering adding this functionality?


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Old 03-02-2004, 06:57 AM
kinook kinook is online now
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Undo/redo is on the list for a future release. I tend to make a habit out of "save early, save often" so that if I make a change that I don't want to keep, the amount of lost changes is minimal (but this is no excuse for not having full undo capability).

Also, in Tools | Options | User Options, you can configure VBP to create a backup file when saving, so you can always get back to the previously saved version.

If it helps at all in this particular case, if you collapse a step before dragging/copying/cutting, the child steps will be included in the operation. We're also considering providing a way (maybe a user option) to automatically include the child steps when not collapsed (the difficulty is that sometimes you may want to move an individual step without affecting the children).

Admin note: Undo/redo implemented in v6.
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Old 03-02-2004, 11:18 AM
psavage psavage is online now
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Join Date: 12-24-2003
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re: undo needed

Collapsing is a very helpful technique. Thanks for the tip!

What if you enable an "option" drag, where the child steps are included if the user drags with the option key down?

BTW, I love this tool. I've only been using it for about 2 weeks, but it's great stuff.
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