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Old 05-07-2005, 10:04 PM
Jakem mazon Jakem mazon is online now
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More linking here and there.

Ultra Recal is a well thought out application, but it is not perfect so there are a couple of minor functions that I would like to see implemented:

The best place for gathering information and doing research is the internet and UR excels at making some of these functions easier. The idea of centralizing data management, but letting the tools that created the data handle the data is a very practical one.

if there is a major inconvenience in using UR ,for me, it would have to be the Single Document Interface.
One can not cascade or tile multiple Info Items detail windows or see multiple databases within one window.

If I am looking at the content of an Info Item in the Item Details Pane and I want to copy and paste something into another Info Item in the tree, I first have to expand the parent Info Item in the tree, find the child Info Item and paste the clipboard content into its Item Details Pane. By then the original Item Details window that I was looking at has disappeared. But, supposed I needed to keep that window visible. I then have to trudge back with the back arrow to find it. This slows you down too much and then more clicking. Why not pin the original window and let it float where it can be referenced?

Also, Why not go all the way with Linking and allow a word or phrase in an Info Item document to act as a link to another Info Item or to a paragraph in a document Info Item or to another word in a paragraph in a document Info Item or to an external file/folder/application? A little hypertexting of this kind would not hurt, it is a function that is perfect for the type of application that UR is. Thank You for a great product.

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Old 05-17-2005, 08:32 AM
kevina kevina is online now
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Thanks for your compliments for Ultra Recall!

We have previously referred to the type of linkage you are requesting as "wiki style" linking and we do have that capability on our todo list.

We agree that some type of tabbed interface or other way to view multiple Items would improve the useability of Ultra Recall and this is also on our todo list. You mention the need to "click" to navigate back and forth. Perhaps the Alt+Left arrow/Right arrow (Back/Forward respectively) might be of benefit to you...

While it is no substitute for the ability to view multiple items at once, we have focused on ensuring that all important functions are available directly from the keyboard. See for the details on all documented keyboard shortcuts.
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