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Old 06-08-2023, 02:33 PM
hartmut hartmut is online now
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View URD files with Android

Has anyone a solution how to view url files under Android, something similar to the UR viewer.
Thank you
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Old 06-09-2023, 08:27 AM
cnewtonne cnewtonne is online now
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This has been a dream of mine to be able to at least view UR content on a mobile device. I have tried many approaches, but almost all were just too much of a process to sustain on a regular basis. None of these hacks really worked out for me.

Here are some examples ...

1. Install UR on a virtual Windows machine and access it from a mobile device using remote desktop e.g. Teamviewer, MS Windows remote desktop, or Chrome remote desktop extension. This is the most practical solution, but you need to spend $$ hosting the virtual machine at home or using a third-party hosting service. I tried it with MS Azure and I paid around $120/month. Hard to justify the cost for my usage. MS has come out with a new product called CloudPC. It is currently available for businesses only. There is a possibility they'll open it up for consumers next year and be integrated within the Windows shell (taskbar/explorer).

2. Export UR content to a cloud-based filesystem e.g. Onedrive/icloud/etc. Too much work keeping content up to date. You can automate UR export process using its command-line arguments, but again, you lose the UR UI and tree interface which is the main reason we use it.

3. Put entire content on a cloud storage e.g. onedrive and link it to UR. Automate the process of syncing it. Now, you have content that is accessible from within UR and using cloud storage. UR has a /sync option to do this.

4. Use an online knowledge management app like Notion/Evernote and access it from within UR native browser. You make changes from within UR and 'sync' content to store it locally. This can be unreliable since most modern web apps will break using UR old IE based browser.

5. The most mobile hardware-based solution I found is to use MS Surface Go. It is a very portable device with full installation of Windows 11.

6. For content that you 'need' to access on the go, move it somewhere else. For me, I use Onenote or Notion. I just could no longer keep it in UR. There are many other apps that are mobile and cloud-first.

See Kinook's reply to a similar inquiry:

Hope this helps.
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Old 06-11-2023, 12:42 AM
hartmut hartmut is online now
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Thank you very much, I hoped something would have happened in the long time.
In the meantime I have used Evernote, but since Evernote 10 it has only new "improvements" and " Gadgets, but old, useful things were not transferred, standard response "coming seen" and errors are not eliminated besides it is now even more expensive.
Have now exported all Dokumeten and search on the desktop with "Copernic Desktop Search", which also offers no alternative for Android, On the Smartphone I use Docsearch. Synchronization via Google Drive, I also need the files offline due to the poor digital infrastructure in Germany.
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Old 07-17-2023, 09:10 AM
URExplorer URExplorer is online now
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Until there's a direct solution to this, I guess in the meantime we can export the pim to html and copy the files to android.

I haven't tested this yet.
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